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Montrealers and Montréal aficionados, be part of the Recommend MTL movement. Share your opinions on the hotels, venues, restaurants, museums, activities, boutiques and cafés that make Montréal your favourite city.

Recommend your top #MTLmoments

We all have our favourite spots where we’ve experienced some unforgettable moments. Now it’s time to share them and help Montréal shine.  

Let’s show everyone how Montréal’s attractions offer unforgettable experiences and how excited you are to rediscover them post-confinement. Your recommendations are gold for future travellers and our local businesses.



Your turn now

1. Think of places where you’ve experienced some unforgettable moments and that you can’t wait to see again. 

2. Go:

  • directly to their web and social networking sites
  • to travel planning platforms like TripAdvisor and Expedia
  • to Google or Facebook. 

3. Post your review. 

Use the stars to rate them and share your positive experiences.

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