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Tommy Dion

Tommy is the founder of the blog and gourmet guide Le Cuisinomane, whose mission is to showcase Québec’s local products and gastronomy. With an in-depth knowledge of Montréal’s food scene, his expertise and professionalism make him a trusted source for all the best food spots and experiences in Montréal. In addition to tasting and writing about food, Tommy also creates content for brand, always related to food and gastronomy.

For the holidays this year, Montréal chefs have really gone all out to offer exceptional menus to be savoured right in the comfort of your home. Whether you're celebrating with two people or eight, add a touch of magic to your table with these special menus.  

Marché Artisan by Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth offers three themed boxes, in addition to suggestions for gourmet baskets from Marché Artisans. Whether you have a hankering for Beef Wellington or Lobster Thermidor, or prefer to celebrate with a midday brunch, you'll find everything to make it delicious.

Hoogan et Beaufort

Marc-André Jetté and his team offer two phenomenal boxes. First, there’s the “Hoogan”, which includes beef tenderloin, foie gras and truffle, homemade ravioli and Saint-Honoré cake for dessert. Then there's the more traditional “Beaufort”, with tourtière, turkey round, foie gras mousse and chocolate choux pastry.

Perles et Paddock

Fittingly, the prettiest garage in Griffintown will be serving up one of the prettiest and most delicious holiday menus in the neighbourhood. You have four choices, whether you want to start with an appetizer of five little hors d'oeuvres and a cocktail before continuing with a meat-based or vegetarian meal. The fourth option is for those who want to celebrate with a festive brunch. If that’s your preference, Perles et Paddock is the perfect choice. Note that the main menus come with a bottle of wine – or sparkling wine, for brunch.

H4C par Dany Bolduc

The talented and ingenious Chef Dany Bolduc is preparing three breathtaking menus: the first for Christmas Eve, the second for New Years and the third for brunch – so many delicious ways to celebrate! While he went a little more “traditional” for Christmas dinner, the New Year's meal has a more chic and festive twist. For brunch, you’ll find the classics that have made the restaurant's Sunday menu famous, ranging from homemade yogurt and granola to trout gravlax with BBQ spices. Oh, and the English muffins are divine!


Chef Constant Mentzas’s special holiday menus are a festive tribute to seafood. There are three menus to wow your guests, in addition to a few themed appetizer boxes: Caviar and champagne, anyone?

Le Richmond

Whether you want to celebrate Italian style or not, Le Richmond has you covered. Choose from three very generous menus to feed the whole family or an à la carte menu. So, what will it be? Turkey, Wellington duck breast or a whole fish?

Le Millen

Personalize a box for two, four or six people to your tastes. Foie gras au torchon with gingerbread, salmon gravlax with citrus fruits, quail stuffed with chestnuts, tourtière du Millen, chicken ballotine and truffle are among the sumptuous choices. And don't forget dessert!

Le Flamant

The team at Le Flamant have prepared a festive feast for two. You get nine small dishes to share with your special someone or family members. All the ingredients for a memorable evening!


Restaurant L’Express has created a holiday box in its own image; classic and very enticing. It features a four-course menu for two including an appetizer platter of cheeses, cold meats, walnuts and olives, followed by salmon gravlax, a duck confit and a chestnut Yule log for dessert. You are sure to fall in love with this Montréal favourite.

Chez Victoire

This Mont-Royal Avenue institution has a very promising Christmas menu that is sure to delight locals: Egg mimosa with shrimps, lobster cappuccino, Québec mozzarella, Rossini beef tenderloin with truffle sauce and, for dessert, a Black Forest Pavlova. Don't forget to complete your feast with a wine suggestion from the sommelier!

Rose Ross

Neighbourhood restaurant Rose Ross will strike a nostalgic chord with four different platters of holiday appetizers: cold bites, hot bites, triangle sandwiches and dessert bites – just to whet your appetite. Then it’s buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon, dried duck breast, small sausages wrapped in bacon, duck confit and foie gras cromesquis, potato donuts and more.

Bistrot La Fabrique

For the holiday season, Bistrot La Fabrique is offering two different four-course tasting menus at $40 per person, as well as their “Christmas coop” (poulailler de Noël). The concept? You choose your type of poultry (capon, quail, guinea fowl or duck) – the whole bird – and the number of people to serve, and then all you have to do is finish cooking it at home. The menu also comes with a tasty selection of sides.

Joe Beef

For the holiday season, Joe Beef is offering their Grande Tablée des Fêtes with a small feast that includes cheeses, nuts, olives and cold cuts for the appetizer, endive salad, their famous Burgundy ham and Hof Kelsten bread as a starter. Then it’s roast turkey with several sides to savour. This year, they’re not doing Yule logs: the team has opted for their famous Opera cake!

Darna Bistroquet

Bring the warmth of Morocco to your holiday table! Whether you’re planning a brunch or a dinner, Darna Bistroquet will take your taste buds travelling. Choose between a whole chicken with harissa and lemon, or a leg of lamb with zhoug spices, and voilà! Your feast for four to six people is a done deal. Why not continue your culinary journey the next day with Darna’s famous shakshouka with all the fixings?

La Bête à Pain

La Bête à Pain’s three locations have joined forces to offer a holiday menu that is both classic and totally modern. Choose from traditional tourtière or duck pie, country pâté, rillettes, terrines, gratin dauphinois with truffles and several other holiday-inspired preparations. And then there are the baked goods, of course, along with four Yule logs to choose from and the option of adding a bottle (or two) of wine.

Mitch Deli

This restaurant generated a lot of buzz in 2020, thanks to its decadent sandwiches and festive salads – and they have no plans to slow down for the holidays. Maxime Gagné and his team have put together a fairly traditional menu, but it’s totally gourmet! Pea soup, their house cretons, turkey, Gaspé cipaille, meatball stew, roasted vegetables, house marinades and a Yule log. They’ve thought of everything – even privately imported wines at very reasonable prices. The menu will be online soon. You can follow them here.


True to their roots, Barcola is serving up two menus featuring the flavours of Italy, one meat and one fish. You’ll find homemade pasta, polenta, mushroom crespelle and a few other specialties from the Bel Paese. A few themed baskets are also available – enough to complete your meal or offer as a gift.

Chef Paul Toussaint

Chef Paul Toussaint invites us on a culinary trip to the Caribbean for an evening, with two menus featuring grilled meats and spices. These feasts will be available to take out at the Time Out Market Montréal every weekend until December 30. Orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Les Weekendeurs

Les Weekendeurs is a new initiative that definitely deserves your attention this holiday season. Offering ready-to-cook boxes that bring together the cuisine of a variety of Montréal restaurants, they have six themed boxes that range from a grand New Year’s feast to a vegetarian Christmas. Brunch, appetizers and Christmas stockings are also available.

Maison Saint Paul

With its sparkling spirits, Maison Saint-Paul is offering a bubbly experience for the holidays. Choose among their five "MSP" Boxes containing the menu of the moment (all homemade) along with a combination of spirits. Bottles of alcohol and cocktails are also available "à la carte".

Experience Old Montréal

The restaurants of Experience Old Montréal invite you to treat yourself to one of their delicious holiday meals, with everything from traditional turkey to gourmet vegetarian options. Their special menus, Yule logs and DIY cookie boxes are delivered right to your door to bring hassle-free holiday cheer to your table.

Prêt à table

For a holiday meal with all the trimmings, Prêt à table has you covered with a choice of ready-to-eat options, a four-course meal, a turkey dinner and an affordable "Holiday Comfort Menu" for two or four people.

Le Pois Penché

Chef Josserand Valiquette and his team are preparing a gourmet menu of modern French cuisine for delivery or pickup. Create a holiday feast at home with a choice of a whole roast turkey, Canadian Northern Gold roast beef with wine sauce or chicken ballotine stuffed with chestnuts. Savoury side dishes and a decadent maple "pouding chômeur" make it complete. Download the menu here.

Tommy Dion

Tommy is the founder of the blog and gourmet guide Le Cuisinomane, whose mission is to showcase Québec’s local products and gastronomy. With an in-depth knowledge of Montréal’s food scene, his expertise and professionalism make him a trusted source for all the best food spots and experiences in Montréal. In addition to tasting and writing about food, Tommy also creates content for brand, always related to food and gastronomy.

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