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Robyn Fadden

Labour Day weekend gets a melodic, high-energy boost with MEG Montréal Festival. The long-running electronic and urban music festival brings Québécois, Canadian and European artists together in late-night showcases made for dancing, unwinding and relaxing.

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Synth-pop sonics

Discover dozens of stellar artists as the MEG Montréal Festival festival celebrates its milestone 20th anniversary with electrifying live music and expansive DJ nights from August 30 to September 2. Start the weekend early with Thursday night's intimate show at Le Ministère, featuring euphoric electro-pop group Syzzors, new-wave-inspired trio Ghost Love and soulful electroacoustic-pop band Raveen.

Enter the electro mania

Experience essential Montréal nightlife with MEG's parties at the Society for Arts and Technology in the heart of downtown. On Friday, August 31, dance to a wild all-analog live techno set by French producer Arnaud Rebotini and an eclectic modular synth set by Japanese producer Galcid, plus techno DJ sets from Québec producers Phil Fiction and Kris Tin. Saturday night's irresistible with a DJ set by French electro pioneer Etienne de Crécy and house, disco and techno grooves from Montréal's Fonkynson and Heidy P. A nightlife bonus: save some cash with the Electromania pass – a $45 deal for MEG's three nights at the SAT – or pick up a single ticket online for $8 to $20.

Hip hop hub

The festival's Friday night at Le Ministère focuses on the city's varied hip-hop styles. Clark’s Bowling Club fuses ‘80s pop, funk, hip-hop, jazz and electro, Wordup! rap battler and Bad Nylon crew head Marie-Gold unleashes her debut solo EP and JT Soul commands attention with his deep-toned melodic hip hop.

Sunday transcendence

Get some sun on Sunday afternoon as MEG joins outdoor dance party Piknic Électronik – Montréal techno producer Omni plays an uplifting DJ set and hosts DJing workshops for kids in the family-focused Petit Piknic area (Misstress Barbara and Poirier play Piknic's main stages later on). Get ready to sleep late on Labour Day Monday after dancing to a deep house and emotive electro DJ set by French producer The Avener along with I&G's worldly “elektropikal” selections on Sunday night at the SAT. For all the details on the festival's long weekend of electro sounds, see the full MEG program.

Robyn Fadden

Robyn Fadden, blogger

Robyn Fadden is a Montréal-based writer and editor who searches out city secrets, new bands, life-changing art and things to do with her perpetually active kid. Robyn has covered major events for HOUR, MUTEK, ARTINFO, CKUT 90.3FM and more.

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