Food Itinerary: Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie

Café Paquebot Bélanger
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Indulge in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie’s cafés, bakeries, restaurants and other gourmet hot spots. Have fun being a tourist in your own city! 


Departure point: Beaubien métro station

Distance: 5.5 kilometres

Suggestions on where to stop to enjoy your snack, meal or drink: Parc Molson, Parc du Père-Marquette

Boulangerie Automne

Automne Boulangerie

6500 Christophe-Colomb Avenue | website

I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a croissant, chocolatine, Danish, or some freshly-baked bread and a coffee, knowing that quality ingredients and consummate expertise are all part of the package. This neighbourhood bakery is one of the city’s most sought-out spots and a real treat each time you visit.

What to order: Ham and cheese croissant, roll of the day, Intégral Beaubien and Automne (types of breads).



1320 Bélanger Street | website

Iconoglace is a new wave dairy bar that offers all the oldies and goodies from our youth, but with a modern twist, including the finest and freshest ingredients. And with its creative and gourmet choices, it’s no wonder that this sweet spot became an instant neighbourhood hit. Don’t be deterred if there’s a long line-up; you can use the time to study all the yummy iced treats to cool off with.  

What to order: The soft ice cream flavour of the week, a drumstick or a decadent sundae.

Paquebot Bélanger

Café l’Étincelle/Café Paquebot

1991 Beaubien Street East | website

2110 Bélanger Street | website

Café l’Étincelle and Café Paquebot are two of my favourite cafés. For one, the coffee is fantastic, and for another, so are the people who work there. Feeling nostalgic for Brittany? Then head to L’Étincelle where two brothers and their father will treat you to some family favourites, including their famous salted butter caramel. In the mood for a drink other than coffee? Café Paquebot’s menu includes iced coffee lemonade, kombucha or natural wines that will definitely slake your thirst.

Pâtisserie Madeleine

Pâtisserie Madeleine

2105 Beaubien Street East | website

This pastry shop, which opened in 2019, became a neighbourhood staple thanks to its classic and unconventional menu of sweet treats that you can gawk at through its beautiful display window. Go there for freshly-baked products, including buttery and flaky croissants that are oh-so delish.

What to order: A croissant as well as the dessert of the day.  

Sandwicherie Sue

2524 Beaubien Street East | website

Even before La Presse awarded it top honours for “Best Sandwich in Montréal”, Sandwicherie Sue’s banh mi already had a pretty huge following. The secret to its success is simple: bread baked fresh that day, copious fillings, and pure, unadulterated goodness. It gets my vote any day!

What to order : The char siu pork or grilled chicken banh mi.

Marchand du Bourg

1661 Beaubien Street East | website

If you’re a meat lover, Marchand du Bourg is an absolute must. Not only will you find an incredible aged beef (unique in Canada), but you’ll love its old-world charm and Marc himself, the butcher. If you are lucky enough to go there when there is a 180-day (or more) dry aged prime rib, be sure to nab it.

What to order: A 60-day dry-aged prime rib.

Épicerie Conserva

6604 Saint-Hubert Street | website

Shopping at Épicerie Conserva is always such a feast for the senses. It’s overflowing with market-fresh produce from Québec, local meats as well as an impressive range of home-made products. This is your go-to when you want to give your pantry and fridge a healthy refresh.

What to order: Homemade marinated meat, charcuteries, fresh and colourful vegetables and a few bottles of wine or cider for the perfect BBQ meal.


Other suggestions for take-out or a drink: La Belle Tonkinoise, Darna Cantine, Vinvinvin, Mastard, Pichai, Le Super Qualité, Mitch Deli

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Tommy Dion

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