Feast your eyes on art across the city!

Art is the heartbeat of Montréal. And now especially, we’re looking for a little fun and inspiration. So what better than works of art to rediscover a re-energized Montréal? From interactive installations to urban design and furniture, feast your eyes on artworks in the city!

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Musical swings: art that gets you going

Daily Tous les jours' famous musical swings are back in a 2.0 version. The interactive installation was created to encourage interaction between people in public spaces. Just pump your legs and the magical notes of the piano, guitar, harp or vibraphone will start to play.

Where? Place d’Youville

Go there to:

  • make music on a giant instrument as you swing.
  • tune in with the people around you and create unique melodies together.

Our DNA: our collective identity

A powerful symbol of Montréal and deeply rooted in the urban landscape, the spiral staircase created by Patrick Bérubé illustrates the many moments in the daily life of Montrealers. (until September 6)

Where? On the Promenade des Artistes in the Quartier des spectacles

Go there to:

  • see the BBQ on the staircase (!)
  • create your own storyline about the objects on the structure

Tricotés Serrés: pedal past colourful crochet designs

Yarn designs have lent a big pop of colour to the bike paths in the Quartier des spectacles. Tricotés Serrés is a temporary work of art created by artist duo Jorden and David.

Where? On Berri, from Ontario to Sainte-Catherine; on De Maisonneuve: from Berri to Saint-Laurent

Go there to:

  • admire all the patterns and textures as you pedal along
  • get to know the practice of “yarn bombing” or graffiti knitting

MURAL ESTIVAL: bringing a breath of fresh air to our city

When the Festival Mural organizers had to cancel this summer, they took their proverbial lemons and made them into lemonade with Mural Estival, which offers you a program of visual art and online music. Discover live and virtual mural visits, live performances, conferences and more.

Where? Online and at various locations

Go there to:

  • see the Stella Artois “Together apart with street art” giant art terrasse
  • discover some of the neighbourhoods hidden art gems

EN FORME !: a brilliant, tropical universe

At dark, Montréal undergoes a metamorphosis of light. And EN FORME! is a dynamic architectural projection that will light up your night. Knowing full well how hard these past few months have been for everyone, the creators wanted to offer Montrealers the chance to indulge in a little fun, nature and culture. (until August 20)

Where? Façade of UQAM’s Pavillon Président-Kennedy, Façade of the Saint-Laurent métro, Façade of the BAnQ

Go there to:

  • see the amazing transformation of building façades
  • laugh at the colourful and quirky animations

BLACK LIVES MATTER fresco: the power of conversation

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, many Montréal community organizations wanted to express their solidarity in the fight against racism and disparity through the power of art. The result is a truly outstanding block-long street fresco that you need to see now.  

Where? On Sainte-Catherine Street, between Saint-Hubert Street and Saint-André Street

Go there to:

  • experience art as “human connection” and how it can spark conversation.
  • admire each letter, which was created by a different artist from the NEVER WAS AVERAGE collective.

Le Terrain de jeux public space: two interactive installations that are making a splash!

Place d'Youville has turned into a fun and refreshing downtown playground. Discover two interactive installations by local artists who have travelled the world. Guaranteed fun for young and old!   

Where? Place d’Youville

Go there to:

  • hop on the iconic music swings
  • experience the Be Water interactive art installation/water game

Urban design in the Quartier latin: a brand-new urban art experience

The Quartier latin now boasts around 15 new colourful pieces of urban art, giving visitors the chance to kick back and take back this normally very busy corner of the city.

Where? Saint-Denis Street, between Sherbrooke Street East and De Maisonneuve Boulevard East

Go there to:

  • order take-out from a Quartier latin eatery and enjoy an urban picnic
  • see works by renowned artists such as Gab Bois, Alex McLeod and Scott McFarland

Dans ma cour... Ç'a du chien !: it’s a dog’s life!

Dans ma cour, ç’a du chien ! invites you to enjoy slightly kitschy scenes depicting backyard life where a bunch of colourful, crazy and adorable dogs live. Guaranteed to make you smile. (until September 6)

Where? The pedestrian-only section of Sainte-Catherine Street, between De Bleury Street and Saint-Urbain Street

Go there to:

  • snap a selfie beside your favourite dog friend, and hear each one’s story.
  • take a sunny break downtown.

For a well-deserved break while (re)discovering downtown, be sure to stop by one of the public spaces or the TULIP terrasses.