Experience immersive entertainment in the PY1 pyramid

A sight to behold and an immersive entertainment venue like no other, PY1 invitingly gleams among the historic architecture of the Old Port of Montréal. Step inside the new pyramid-shaped structure and you're bound to discover another world – or experience our own like never before.

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Futuristic tech

Generated by the innovative minds of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté and his Lune Rouge company, PY1 hosts multi-sensory experiences that combine dazzling new technologies with talented digital artists, storytellers and other creators. A venue with the capacity to travel, PY1 opens to the public this summer (from June 1 to August 31) with Through the Echoes, a technological and emotional odyssey that transports audiences across the universe, from the Big Bang to today. After hours, the venue can transform into a cutting-edge nightlife experience, featuring electronic music DJs and VJs and synchronized visuals from floor to ceiling.

Immersive entertainment

A 60-minute, 360-degree multimedia creation, Through the Echoes has been compared to a waking dream, leading audiences though the stars all the way to Earth. Using an array of lasers, lighting, projections, kinetic video aerial scenery, atmospheric special effects and full surround visuals by artist Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, the experience lets us explore space and time, our collective origins and our possible futures.

Pyramid power

Set in the iconic Clock Tower site in the Old Port of Montréal, PY1 is big enough to welcome 1000 people and still leave room to move. Unlike most theatrical and cinematic entertainment, Through the Echoes encourages spectators to wander throughout the space at any time, transcending the role of an audience to become true participants in a memorable, enriching experience.

Robyn Fadden

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