Dream big with Cirque du Soleil's groundbreaking Alegría

25 years ago, Cirque du Soleil changed the very concept of circus with Alegría, an instantly iconic show that inspired audiences around the world with its timeless themes of collective hope and meaningful change. Cirque du Soleil celebrates its 25th anniversary with the return of Alegría to Montréal, infused with innovative new design, artistry, acrobatics and a made-in-2019 spirit.

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Enhanced and inspired creativity

As joyous and energetic as ever, Alegría's renewal coincides with spring in Montréal, playing under a massive blue-and-white big top from April 18 to July 21. As always, Cirque du Soleil taps into the zeitgeist, reinvigorating Alegría's acrobatics, songs and visual artistry for our 2019 world. The 1994 production originally toured for 19 years, entertaining over 14 million people in 255 cities and setting the aesthetic that Cirque du Soleil has become so well known for. Today, Alegría may have an updated (and gorgeous) look, yet its story of resilience and hope resonates just as powerfully.

Alegría’s emotional connection

After losing its king, a kingdom's people must struggle between new and old regimes, transcend turmoil and take a new path forward, transforming their world for the good of all. In keeping with the show's universal themes, Alegría's creators reinvented the production to reflect Cirque du Soleil's trademark style through a thoroughly contemporary creative lens. The result is a production that pulses in harmony with our present-day lives. Among the changes, the outstanding international performers embrace their own personalities while playing larger-than-life characters wearing redesigned, out-of-this-world costumes.


Acrobatics and awe

Alongside Alegría's elaborate redesign and staging under a new big top in the Old Port of Montréal, expect to see next-level acrobatic performances set to newly orchestrated, emotionally resonant music, including Alegría Musical Director Jean-Phi Goncalves's poetic reimagining of René Dupéré's original theme song Vai Vedrai and Grammy-nominated soundtrack (the most popular Cirque soundtrack of all time!). What won't change in the 2019 production? The quintessential magic of Cirque du Soleil: awe-inspiring acrobatics, costumes and sets fused with comedy, drama and timeless themes that inspire us to hope and to dream.

Robyn Fadden

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