What's open for delivery and take-out in Montréal

Updated on January 20, 2022.

Many Montréal restaurants are making it easy for locals to bring their favourite flavours home. Here’s a list, organized by neighbourhood, of just some of the restaurants offering take-out or delivery service.

Downtown and the Village

Alexandre et fils: take-out menu / delivery

Au Petit Extra: take-out menu / delivery / gift cards  

Bar George: take-out menu / delivery

Benelux, brasserie artisanale: take-out menu

Bier Markt Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Café Holt: take-out menu / delivery

Café Vasco da Gama: take-out menu

Campo: take-out menu

Caffetiera: take-out menu 

Chez Dévi: take-out menu / delivery  

Ferreira Café: take-out menu

Fiorellino Snack Bar – Ristorante (Downtown and Outremont): take-out menu / delivery 

Gentile Pizza Parlour: take-out menu / delivery

Henri Brasserie Française: take-out menu

Kampai: delivery  

Kamùy: take-out menu

Le Boulevardier: take-out menu / delivery  


Le Mousso: take-out menu

Le Pois Penché: take-out menu / delivery

Le Red Tiger: take-out menu / delivery

LOV (de la Montagne): take-out menu / delivery

Lola Rosa: take-out menu / delivery

Maison Boulud: take-out menu 

Marché Artisans: take-out menu / delivery

Moleskine Restaurant: take-out menu / delivery

O'Thym: take-out menu / delivery

Otto Yakitori Isakaya: take-out menu

Pullman: take-out menu 

Renoir: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Da Vinci:  take-out menu 

Restaurant Europea: take-out menu / delivery

Ristorante Beatrice: take-out menu / delivery

Ryu: take-out menu / delivery

Saiko Bistrot Izakaya: take-out menu / delivery

Sésame (Quartier des spectacles and Old Montréal): take-out menu / delivery 

Tendresse: take-out menu / delivery 

Time Out Market:

Uniburger: take-out menu / delivery

Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill: take-out menu / delivery

Venice: take-out menu / delivery 

Old Montréal

Bar à beurre: take-out menu

Barroco: take-out menu / delivery

Bevo Bar + Pizzeria: take-out menu / delivery 

Bistro-Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises: take-out menu / delivery

Bistro Mimo: take-out menu / delivery

Brit & Chips: take-out menu / delivery 

Café de Mercanti Old Montréal: take-out menu

Café Olimpico: take-out menu

Chez Delmo: take-out menu / delivery

Délices, Érable et Cie: take-out menu and grocery section / delivery

Eggspectation Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Elefante: take-out menu / delivery

Escondite Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Experience Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Fish & Bone: take-out menu / delivery

Fou d'ici: take-out menu and grocery section / delivery

Gabrielle Café : take-out menu and grocery section

Graziella: take-out menu 

: take-out menu / delivery 

Hambar : take-out menu / delivery 

Helena: take-out menu / delivery  

Ikanos: take-out menu / delivery

Jellyfish crudo+charbon: take-out menu / delivery

Kyo Bar Japonais: take-out menu / delivery  

La Méditérranée - Comptoir et Café: take-out menu / delivery

LA Pop: take-out menu / delivery

La Sauvagine: take-out menu

La Voûte: take-out menu / delivery

Le 409: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Cartet: take-out menu and grocery section 

Le Muscadin: take-out menu / delivery

Le Petit Dep: take-out menu and store / delivery

Le Petit Sao: take-out menu / delivery

Les Pyrénées: take-out menu

Loam: take-out menu / delivery

LOV de la Montagne: take-out menu / delivery

Maison St-Paul: take-out menu

Maggie Oakes: take-out menu / delivery 

Mano Cornuto: take-out menu

Marusan: take-out menu

Muru Crêpe: take-out menu / delivery

Olive & Gourmando: take-out menu

Osco!: take-out menu / delivery

Paquebot Café Old Montréal: take-out menu

Pastel: take-out menu

Pizzeria Bros Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Pizzéria NO.900 Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

Pub BreWskey: take-out menu

Pub Burgundy Lion: take-out menu / delivery  

Restaurant L'Orignal: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Solmar: take-out menu 

Ristorante Quattro: take-out menu / delivery   

Rosewood: delivery

Salumi Vino: take-out menu / delivery

Sesame Saint-Jacques: take-out menu / delivery

Szechuan: take-out menu / delivery

Tommy Café + Apéro: take-out menu / delivery

The Keg Steakhouse Old Montréal: take-out menu

Touk: take-out menu / delivery   

Uniburger: take-out menu / delivery

Vallier Bistro: take-out menu / delivery

Venice Old Montréal: take-out menu / delivery

wren's: take-out menu

Little Italy, Villeray and North of the Island

Beau Mont Restaurant: ready-to-eat meals / grocery products 

Bête à pain: take-out menu / delivery 

Brasserie Harricana: take-out menu

Café Le Petit Flore: take-out menu

Cafeden: take-out menu 

Casgrain BBQ / Vin mon Lapin: take-out menu

Chez Tousignant: take-out menu / delivery 

Corneli Restaurant: delivery 

Darna bistroquet: take-out menu / delivery

Epicerie pumpui: take-out menu

Joon: take-out menu

Knuckles Cantine et Vins: take-out menu

L'Estaminet: take-out menu  

Le Diplomate: take-out menu 

Le Ratafia: take-out menu

Les Cavistes: take-out menu 

Lundis au soleil: take-out menu

Marconi: take-out menu

Mesón: take-out menu

Moccione: take-out menu 

Restaurant Tandem: take-out menu

Saison des pluies: take-out menu

Tandem: take-out menu

Tapeo, bar à tapas: take-out menu

Umami Ramen: take-out menu

Vesta Mtl: take-out menu / delivery 

Plateau and Mile End

Aldea, Cuisine portugaise: take-out menu / delivery 

Atma: take-out menu / delivery 

Bakery Les Co'Pains d'abord (Rachel): open / delivery service by bike for orders of at least $20 

Barcola bistro: take-out menu

Bistrot La Fabrique: take-out menu and wine 

Bistro Lustucru: take-out menu / delivery 

Casa Kaisen: take-out menu / delivery 

Chez Téta: take-out menu / delivery 

Chez Victoire: take-out menu / delivery 

Clébard: take-out menu / delivery 

Fairmount Bagel Bakery: take-out menu / delivery 

: take-out menu / delivery 

Ibericos, Taverne à tapas: take-out menu 

Icehouse: take-out menu / delivery  

Joséphine: take-out menu  

Jun I: take-out menu   

Kesté: take-out menu

La Chronique: take-out menu

La Main Folle: take-out menu / delivery 

Lapin Pressé: take-out menu

larrys: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Bay Cà Phê: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Chien Fumant: take-out menu

Nouveau Palais: take-out menu / delivery  

Le Virunga: take-out menu 

L'Express: take-out menu 

Lloydie's: take-out menu / delivery  

Lola Rosa: take-out menu / delivery

Maison Publique: take-out menu

Paradis BBQ: take-out menu / delivery

Pizza Toni: take-out menu / delivery

Pizzédelic Mont-Royal: take-out menu / delivery 

Plein Sud: take-out menu 

Robin des Bois: take-out menu / delivery 

Saint Sushi: take-out menu / delivery

Schwartz’s: take-out menu / delivery

Stella pizzeria: take-out menu / delivery

St-Viateur Bagel & Café (Mont-Royal): take-out menu 

St-Viateur Bagel (St-Viateur): take-out menu 

Tri Express: take-out menu 

Trifecta: take-out menu 

Pôle des Rapides and Quartiers du Canal

Agnus Dei, caterer: ready-to-eat / delivery 

Avec Plaisirs, Frais-à-Manger: take-out menu / delivery

Ayla: menu pour emporter / livraison

Beba: take-out menu / delivery

Brasseur de Montréal: take-out menu

Bucky Roosters: take-out menu / delivery

The Burgundy Lion: take-out menu / delivery

Cafecito: take-out menu / delivery

Candide: take-out menu

Cantine Burgz: take-out menu / delivery

Dispensa Épicerie Café italien: take-out menu / delivery

Elena: take-out menu

H4C par Dany Bolduc: boutique and take-out menu 

Janine Café: take-out menu

Joe Beef: take-out menu

Joiea Sociale: take-out menu / delivery

Le Serpent: take-out menu / /delivery

Les Enfants Terribles: take-out menu / delivery 

Marché Italien Le Richmond: take-out menu and grocery store  

Melisse restaurant: take-out menu / delivery  

Miel / Rubie's: take-out menu

Monopole: take-out menu and grovery store / delivery

Patrice Pâtissier: take-out menu

Perles et Paddock: take-out menu / delivery  

Robert Alexis: take-out menu / delivery 

Satay Brothers: take-out menu

Tran Cantine Vietnamienne: take-out menu

Venice: take-out menu / delivery 

Olympic District, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Rosemont

Antonietta: take-out menu

Bar Mamie: take-out menu / delivery 

Bottega: take-out menu

Cœur de Loup: take-out menu / delivery 

Darna Bistroquet: take-out menu / delivery 

Elsdale: take-out menu

Heirloom: take-out menu / delivery 

Hélicoptère: take-out menu

Hoogan et Beaufort:  take-out menu / delivery

Kwizinn: take-out menu

La Belle Tonki: take-out menu / delivery

La Bêtise (Rosemont and Verdun): take-out menu / delivery

Les Canailles:take-out menu / delivery 

Le Super Qualité: take-out menu / delivery  

Lou: take-out menu / delivery

Luciano Trattoria: take-out menu

Magnolia: take-out menu

Mastard: take-out menu

miam miam miam / vinvinvin: take-out menu

Mitch Deli: take-out menu / delivery

Mon Petit Poulet: take-out menu / delivery

Montréal Plaza: take-out menu and wine to go / delivery

Pastaga: take-out menu / delivery 

Randolph Pub ludique: take-out menu

Régine Café: take-out menu

Restaurant La Rose des Sables: take-out menu / delivery  

Rose Ross: take-out menu / delivery 

Sata Sushi: take-out menu / delivery 

Mount Royal (Côte-des-Neiges), Outremont and Westmount

Al Amine: take-out menu / delivery

Bloomfield: take-out menu

Boucherie Provisions: take-out menu 

Brasserie Bernard: take-out menu 

Brûlerie Urbaine: take-out menu / delivery

Café Leonidas Cote-des-Neiges: take-out menu

Chez Lévêque: take-out menu / delivery 

Damas: take-out menu / delivery 

Délicieux: take-out menu / delivery

Dessert Yum Flo: take-out menu / delivery

Duc de Lorraine: take-out menu / delivery

Ermitage: take-out menu / delivery

Farhat: take-out menu / delivery

Il Galateo: take-out menu / delivery

KINTON RAMEN: take-out menu / delivery

La Famiglia: take-out menu / delivery

Lakshana's Chettinad: take-out menu / delivery 

Le Caravane Café: take-out menu / delivery

Mont Tacos: take-out menu / delivery

Monteiro Grillades Portugaises: take-out menu / delivery

Ngan Dinh: take-out menu / delivery

Pizza Show: take-out menu / delivery

Pokai: take-out menu / delivery

Posher: take-out menu / delivery

Pub McCarold: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Le Petit Vibe: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Pocha de Marie: take-out menu / delivery

Restaurant Tuk Tuk: take-out menu / delivery

Roch le Coq: take-out menu / delivery 

Ryu: take-out menu / delivery

Saint-Houblon: take-out menu / delivery

Tinc Set: take-out menu

Yoon Restaurant: take-out menu / delivery

Around Montréal

Labonté de la Pomme: take-out menu / delivery

Las Olas Traiteur: ready-to-eat / delivery

Marriott Courtyard Aéroport - YUL Restaurant Bar: take-out menu

Restaurant La Piazza: take-out menu

Sucrerie de la Montagne: ready-to-eat / take-out 

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