Cathcart Restaurants et Biergarten's offer revealed

Tommy Dion

If 2019 was an epic epicurean year, 2020 looks like it will be just as tasty with the opening of Cathcart Restaurants et Biergarten, Place Ville Marie’s new gourmet food hall. Following a major makeover, the PVM’s brand-new culinary space will feature nine gourmet food counters, three full-service restaurants, two cafés and a biergarten.

So, without further ado, here is what Montrealers and tourists will be able to sink their teeth into at the Cathcart Restaurants et Biergarten.

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Nine street-food counters


A mainstay of Montréal’s culinary scene for the past few years, Uniburger promises a palate-popping experience for the downtown crowd with signature hamburgers and milkshakes crafted by chef Younes Bengeloune.


Lebanon’s flavours and warmth will be wafting over the city core at the Omnivore counter, where hungry diners can devour colourful plates piled high with grilled meats, mezze, salads, hummus and pita.   

This very popular Vietnamese restaurant will be bringing its signature bowls of pho and pad Thai to Cathcart, and frankly, we’re stoked!  

Caffè Veloce

Not one but two Caffè Veloce will be setting up shop at Cathcart, with chef Blake Mackay at the helm. The menu will feature delicious brews, but also pastries and homemade ice cream for people with a sweet tooth.

Mon Nan

A veritable Chinatown institution, Mon Nan’s new venue will offer many of its classic dishes, such as ravioli, dim sum and soups, not to mention its popular Peking duck.  

Tulum Taqueria & Karma Poké

Already a favourite at Place Ville Marie’s Comptoir Général, the tacos by Tulum Taqueria and poke bowls by Karma Poké are irresistible. They’ll enjoy a central spot in the new food hall, bringing some hot and exotic to Cathcart.

Dirty Greens

Chef Raegan Steinberg from Arthurs Nosh Bar promises to serve up copious salads and dishes that are not only gourmet, but good for your health.  


In addition to above-mentioned chef Reagan Steinberg, there is even more talent from Arthurs Nosh Bar: chefs Alexandre and Luka will be running Patzzi, an Italian deli sandwich bar.  


For the first time on Canadian soil, renowned American chef Michael Lewis (Kyu, Miami) brings us Chikin, a counter that serves a feast of Korean-style fried chicken.  

Three full-service restaurants

Pizza Del Fornaio

Of course, there will be a pizzeria—and not just any old pizzeria—in the new food hall. Federico Bianchi (Bottega) is the master pizzaiolo behind these Neapolitan-style savoury pies.  


This Japanese cantina is the brainchild of chefs Antonio Park (Park) and Olivier Vigneault (Jatoba), and it promises to be a hit. Sushi will be given top honour, as will grilled meats and vegetables.  


Open morning, noon and night, the Mirabel brewery, run by former Un Po Di Piu chef Nicholas Giambattisto, will serve French-style cuisine crafted from locally sourced products.



A hip hub where people can hang out, the biergarten is located directly beneath the impressive glass pavilion. It features large communal tables that are conducive to chatting while sipping on Québec microbrewery beers, sakes, wines and cocktails.

Tommy Dion

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