The Cacao Barry Chocolate Challenge at MTLàTABLE

This article was updated on October 17, 2019.

This year, restaurants were challenged to create an original dish featuring Cacao Barry chocolate. 20 winners were chosen based on the creativity of their offerings. Regardless of what part of Montréal you find yourself in during MTLàTABLE, here are some tantalizing award-winning dishes that will guarantee to make your reservation decision that much more difficult this year!

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Golden Square Mile

Check out Decca77 Restaurant’s South-American inspired chocolate alfajor made with dulce de leche, Coureur des Bois liqueur, chocolate and guajillo chili sauce, toffee, caramelized banana, and pecans.


Quartier des spectacles

Le Café du Nouveau Monde offers a decadent dessert of brownie chunks, chocolate hazelnut mousse, cocoa crumble, dulce de leche foam and caramel-glazed hazelnuts.

Le Blumental returns this year with a Zephyr Caramel chocolate mousse, maple breton cookie, pecan and cranberries from Fruits d'Or.


Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile End

Get a glimpse of future culinary talent by visiting the Restaurant de L’ITHQ (run by hospitality industry students) and try its Cacao Barry Challenge entry, which features ITHQ pears with boreal spices (from Gaspésie), and Alunga chocolate.

Caribou gourmand’s “Gourmet caribou rock” - made with light chocolate, a caramel center, crunchy almond topping, cocoa and almond biscuit - will bring your gourmet dinner to a delectable end.

Known for its seafood heavy menu, Joséphine will impress you with a delicious chocolate-coffee tart with caramelized chocolate, stout ice cream, chocolate crumble, smoked oats and blueberry sauce.

Located in the heart of the Plateau, the ever popular BYOW Restaurant Le Square offers a Choco-chestnut verrine as its contest entry.


Old Montréal

The upscale izakaya Kyo Bar Japonais is offering a bubble tea inspired “Shiroi ocha”. Sakura tea flavored white chocolate Cacao Barry Zephyr panna cotta with tapioca pearls.

Under the direction of Chef Helena Loureiro, the team at Helena enters a dark chocolate mousse served in a waffle cone with fruit salad and port into the Cacao Barry challenge.

Why eat regular chocolate mousse when you can eat it deconstructed? Try Maggie Oakes’ deconstructed chocolate mousse made with Alto el Sol chocolate, passion fruit and slivers of sesame nougat.


Mount Royal, Outremont and Westmount

Les Fillettes in Outremont returns with a dish made of chocolate that’s not a dessert! Confit leg of rabbit from La Ferme Avicole d’Oka, mole sauce, roast carrot, parsnip and alfalfa.


Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Rosemont

Check out Les Coudes sur la table (located near the Gay Village) for its winning Black forest cake verrine, consisting of Tanzania chocolate cream, a brownie and kirsch cream topped with Morello cherry sorbet.

Chef Marc-André Jetté’s Hoogan et Beaufort enters a swanky rich yet slightly salty ganache with Mexican and Alunga chocolate and sorbet made of pears roasted over a wood fire.

You’ll never look at red velvet cake again after having Les Affamés’ rendition of it: red velvet beet cake, matcha tea crumble, raspberry and beet coulis, white chocolate and goat cheese icing.


Ahuntsic and North of the Island

Les Cavistes Restaurant Wine Bar is an award-winning neighbourhood bistro. It returns with a tasty white chocolate and lemon crunch, served with matcha chips, ground cherries, and berries.


Little Italy and Villeray

Under the guidance of Chef Thavysith, La Bêtise goes sweet and savoury with a Cacao Barry chocolate cake with caramelized bacon.



Chef Albert Leclair’s team at La Bêtise (Verdun) serves up a Cacao Barry Paris Brest with mascarpone cream, praline and Cacao Barry Ocoa chocolate.

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