Brunches you don’t want to miss during MTLàTABLE

Laure Juilliard

Montréal’s big restaurant celebration—called MTLàTABLE—is back this year from November 2 to 16. Brunch lovers will be well-served with a wide range of restaurants serving up breakfast goodness. Have you made a reservation yet?

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Old Montréal and the Old Port

Exquisite design meets creative North American cuisine at Maggie Oakes. Enjoy a two-course brunch and then take some time to explore this architectural jewel, which is also home to the exclusive and oh-so chic William Gray Hotel.

Tempted by a taste of France? Verses Restaurant offers an Île aux Grues cheddar soufflé with bacon and caramelized leeks, arugula and vino cotto. Oh-la-la!

A similar level of refinement awaits at Restaurant Sinclair, where the three-course brunch includes cauliflower tabouleh with cilantro and citrus, followed by an Asbestos beef tataki with black sesame oil, aged cheddar and sprouts. To end the meal on a sweet note, their Sinclair French toast comes with salted caramel custard. Need we say more?

Carnivores will find their fill at Méchant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie. Here, the brunch menu features blood pudding accompanied by butter-smashed squash and a salad made of green apples, arugula and caramelized pecans. Try not to inhale it too fast!


Downtown – Golden Square Mile

What would you say to an exotically elegant Indian-style brunch buffet? Restaurant Dévi specializes in savoury curries and vegetarian side dishes. Pure bliss!


Plateau Mont-Royal and the Mile End

Les Cons Servent serves French bistro market fare with Italian undertones. We’re looking forward to sampling the Matane shrimp salad, homemade focaccia, poached eggs, yogurt, oranges and yellow beans!

Normandy meets Canada in chef Guillaume Paimparay’s kitchen at Caribou Gourmand. Their brunch menu includes pumpkin pancakes with salty and spiced caramel butter and chocolate ice cream. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

At Barbounya, seize the opportunity to sample Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine featuring seafood, vegetarian dishes and mezze. If you’ve never tried pide sudjuk with kasserie, tomato and egg, now’s your chance. You’ll find both the food and the atmosphere to be warm and welcoming.


The Village

Au Petit Extra has been offering classic French cuisine at an affordable price for more than 30 years. Their decadent brunch menu includes eggs benedict on a homemade waffle, ham, spinach and hollandaise sauce. If the mere thought is enough to induce a food coma, rest assured that they have espresso to keep you going.

If you’re in the mood for pub-style ambience, try Le Saloon. They’ll quench your thirst with the Casablanca, a beverage made with avocado, banana, almond milk, maple syrup and chia seeds. Follow it with a crepe stuffed with ham, caramelized apples and melted cheddar. If that doesn’t stick to your bones, nothing will!


A sure bet in classy Outremont, Les Fillettes is a typical Montreal-style bistro with a seasonal menu. The restaurant’s name is a reference to the small 25 cL bottles of wine typically found in French bars. You’ll want to dig right in to the first course consisting of celeriac, confit lemon "anchoïade," crispy shallots and Quebec organic sunflower oil. But that’s just to whet your appetite for the mackerel toast, potato salad, sour cream, dill, soft boiled egg.



Not only does Chez Chose have a seasonal menu that changes daily based on freshly available ingredients, this place is also known for its relaxed, welcoming and family-style atmosphere. For brunch, you may have a hard time choosing between their eggs poached à La Provençale with chorizo and salted herbs or their French toast with homemade blueberry jam, mozzarella di Buffala and maple syrup.

A classic mimosa awaits you at La Bêtise, along with their Hangover Poutine (lap xuong Asian sausage, bacon, poached egg with hollandaise) or a Montréal beer crepe served with Gaspésien smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese and a poached egg. This is the perfect remedy for whatever ails you after a night on the town.


Pôle des Rapides – Verdun

Restaurant Su offers a creative interpretation of Turkish cuisine, combining the flavours of the Far East with those of the Mediterranean. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the three-course brunch that starts with a tasting platter featuring honey and kaymak, olive mix, tomato and ricotta salad, along with homemade spreads, jams and bread. This is followed by Kamouraska lamb and chickpea ragout with poached eggs and yogurt.



Bistro Le Ste-Cath skillfully combines food, visual arts and performances in a family atmosphere. Their brunch menu snapped our attention with eggs benny with Brome Lake duck, pretzel bread and hollandaise sauce.


Montréal North

Seeking inspiration from French cuisine, Café Le Petit Flore will tantalize your taste buds with a Domaine entre Pierre sparkling cranberry cocktail, followed by two poached eggs, Portobello mushrooms and duck confit with a Mornay sauce served on bagel.

Please note that most of these restaurants offer vegetarian options and brunch is offered for $15 during MTLàTable.

Laure Juilliard

Laure Juilliard, blogger

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