Bonjour Nature helps you get outdoors

Bonjour Nature couldn’t have picked a better business name. The tour company helps you—the Montréal visitor—say “bonjour” to a selection of outdoor environments within a stone’s throw of the city. They offer exactly what many of us crave: time spent in nature. One-day excursions are led by experienced, bilingual guides (French/English) and include round-trip transportation from Montréal by minibus or coach.

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Science says so

The therapeutic benefits of being in nature have been proven time and time again. Recently, a team of researchers studied data from 20 countries and involving more than 290 million people confirmed that, "spending time outside has significant and wide-ranging health benefits." But, heck, most of us don’t need a scientific study. We can just use evidence from our own lives: being outside feels good.


Choose your own adventure

Bonjour Nature offers a variety of types of excursions: hiking, canoeing, forest bathing (wood walking), trout fishing, dogsledding and more. For the wood walking adventure, a Marcheur des Bois tour guide will take you into the Ouareau Forest and reveal the many secrets of boreal flora and fauna. You will be introduced to the edible products of the forest, as well as how to recognize them for harvesting. Just a stone’s throw away from Montréal, spend a day of gentle hiking in Lanaudière.


A new region to explore

Most of the adventures take place in the less-discovered Lanaudière region. Located between the St. Lawrence River and the Laurentian Mountains, this geographical area features farmland, freshwater lakes, and sweeping forests. While regions like Tremblant can bustle with visitors during peak tourist seasons, Lanaudière remains a quiet enclave. And it’s still easily accessible from Montréal.

When you visit Montréal, as much as you’re going to enjoy the vibrant festivals and innovative cuisine that the city has to offer, it’s understandable that you might also want some time in nature. Bonjour Nature presents some attractive options.

Daniel Baylis

Daniel Baylis, blogger

Daniel Baylis is a writer and adventurer. Born in British Columbia, Daniel came to Montréal with the kooky bohemian notion that he would write poetry, learn to speak French and fall in love. Having achieved various levels of success in said domains, he now focuses his energy on a new hobby: artisanal pickling.

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