Discover 5 bike tours for a getaway near Montréal

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This article was updated on June 10, 2022.

The Outaouais region is absolutely fabulous for cycle touring. Cyclists of all levels will love the chance to tour settings that range from lush natural surroundings to vibrant cities and charming villages. Discover forests, lake and rivers as well as its local food scene, boutiques and terroir products. You’ll return with tons of wonderful memories, guaranteed! 

Petite Nation

Petite Nation is an Outaouais region that abounds with breathtaking countryside, sprawling spaces and bucolic trails. Agrotourism takes place of pride here and the warm and welcoming communities are a real treat to discover. Follow the heritage trail along the banks of the Ottawa River, chat with local farmers and try their artisanal products.  


The Pontiac Pacific Junction railroad

The Pontiac covers the largest territory in the Outaouais. Follow railway tracks converted into a bike path and discover 12 stops along the way, where you can learn more about the history of the area through photos, videos and audio recordings. More information is available on the information panels along the route.


Gatineau Park

Located at the heart of the city of Gatineau, Gatineau Park features steeper cycling trails. Thanks to its lush forest cover, it’s considered the lungs of Ottawa and is home to biodiversity that you won’t find elsewhere. The picturesque village of Chelsea also offers detour-worthy gourmet restaurants and attractions.


Voyageurs Pathway

The linear asphalt trail of the Sentier des voyageurs stretches along the shores of the Ottawa River. Enjoy breathtaking views of the water, Parliament Hill and the Canadian Museum of History. Take advantage of your trip to discover Vieux-Hull, or the “Brooklyn” of Ottawa.


Véloroute des Draveurs

The Véloroute des Draveurs (“draveurs” are log drivers) follows the majestic Blue Sea Lake and features an array of geological sites teeming with flora and fauna. Part-gravel, part-asphalt, the trail features many rest stops where you can stop for a break and admire the scenic landscapes.


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