Best eats in the Underground Pedestrian Network

Thom Seivewright

The RESO is a vast pedestrian network of interconnected buildings and transit stations, but more and more it is turning into a food destination. Often referred to as the Underground City because of the seemingly endless underground tunnels, the RESO boasts over 200 restaurants. Here’s a shortlist of some of the more interesting food and beverage options that are changing the game. 

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Marché Artisans

Described as downtown’s pantry, Marché Artisans impresses with its unique flair. Mixing fresh fruit and vegetable stands with local products, it stays true to its name as an artisanal market. Not to mention the comfortable seating for on-site dining from the counters specializing in rotisserie, fish and seafood, pizza, cheeses and charcuterie. Find it just off the lobby of the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel. 

Time Out Market and Le Cathcart

Both places are part of a larger trend that is changing the dining scene, not to mention that they’re true epicurean’s playgrounds. Picture a food court with top chefs and a stylish atmosphere. If you want to sample what some of Montréal’s best chefs are up to, you can now do it in one of these new locations. You’ll find carefully selected and locally loved chefs that offer a variation on their menus. It’s as if someone was curating your dining experience. Time Out Market is in the updated Eaton Centre and Le Cathcart is soon to open in Place Ville Marie. 

Tunnel Espresso Bar

This aptly named coffee counter is your best bet for all your caffeine needs. The heavenly beverages pair super well with the daily assortment of pastries. Don’t plan on getting comfy with your laptop: this place is literally just a small counter in the tunnel between Place Ville Marie and the Eaton Centre. But we all know it’s not the size that matters. 

Nu Do

Forget its uninspiring setting in the Eaton Centre food court: Nu Do’s noodles are handmade, right before your eyes! And let’s be honest: watching them bang out the dough and turn it into fine strands of perfect deliciousness is half the reason why this place is so good. 

Sarah B.

Step into the lush atmosphere to have a drink and unwind. Named for the legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt, Sarah B. has many delicious cocktail options, but the house specialty is absinthe. To get the full experience, tell the bartender you want to get acquainted with the green fairy.

Thom Seivewright

Thom Seivewright, blogger

Thom enjoys fulfilling Montréal stereotypes such as being obsessed with Leonard Cohen, being perfectly fluent in Frenglish and being addicted to maple syrup. He loves pretending to be a tourist in his own city yet when he travels he loves pretending to not be a tourist at all.

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