6 amazing Montréal décor ideas to steal

From eye-popping tile designs to mirrored ceilings, Montréal restaurants and bars set interior design trends left, right and centre. Here are six knock-out décor ideas to 1) snap on Insta and 2) steal for home.

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1. Statement tiles

Easy to clean and cool to look at, statement tiles are making the biggest comeback since the 1970s in restaurants in both Montréal and beyond. Look down at Restaurant Mélisse, where the geometric patterned floor tiles give the eye a full meal deal. Same at Un Po Di Piu, whose floor tiles are downright psychedelic! The floor tiles at Damas make for an altogether Arabian market feel, while at LOV McGill it’s the opposite: the white stone oversize beehive tiles that line the bar make for an airy, light experience. The white tiled wall at Pumpui also go to show you don’t need colour to make a big statement.


2. Mirrored ceilings

Get your mind out of the gutter – and into the restaurant! Mirrored ceilings give the effect of grandeur and height to any space. At Rosélys Restaurant, in the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel, the stunning black-and-white tile design (see previous trend!) gets reflected in the mirrors overhead. At Hopkins, in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, the action at the bar and shiny brass fixtures are reflected by a wide strip of mirror that runs along the centre of the ceiling. Same with the dark-hued Atwater Cocktail Club – the buzzy atmosphere is quadrupled thanks to the reflective surfaces above.


3. Brass everything

This is a trend that’s crept up on the scene and spread to sooo many places over the last couple of years. Just like stainless steel rules the modernist/industrial 2000s, brass is reigning the present! It’s everywhere in light fixtured – from Brasserie Harricana to Moccione to Restaurant Mélisse! At Hopkins it’s in the gorgeous round light fixtures and lines the table edges, to add extra glint in the beautiful light space. At Rosélys Restaurant, it adds a golden glow to the bar stool bases. Conclusion? Brass is beautiful, for now and ever.


4. Wow wallpaper

Wallpaper makes a big statement with relatively little effort, and some people do it better than others. A bathroom trip at both Brasserie Harricana (where the wallpaper is an invitation to leave your mark, graffiti-style) and Lawrence (beautiful illustrations of Victorian faces) is worth the while just for the wallpaper. At Agrikol the giant palm frond wallpaper and pastel colours will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean, while L’Gros Luxe in Little Burgundy makes damask cool again.


5. Bar seating

The trend for bar seating is taking the city by storm, and for good reason – it’s a great solution for small spaces, and it makes for a lovely intimate dining experience for two, and sweet solitary anonymity for solo diners. Check out some of Montréal’s best solo dining spots here, and enjoy some stellar bar seating at designer digs Hoogan et Beaufort (all in white and blonde wood), Cadet (in black leather and cream quartz), Dominion Square Tavern (straight out of the 1940s) and Moleskine Restaurant (in a U shape around the bustling staff).


6. Green walls

Green walls – by which we mean living, plant-filled walls – are a wonderful way to add oxygen and life to your interior. At the stylish Maggie Oakes restaurant in Hôtel William Gray in Old Montréal, one wall is growing with greenery. Lovers of Le Cagibi café enjoy spending hours among all of the plants, while at Foiegwa ferns line the banquette, adding fresh greens to the acclaimed rich fare.

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