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Isa Tousignant

Isa Tousignant is a Montréal-based editor and storyteller with a curiosity that runs deeper than most. She has chatted life philosophies with celebrity chefs, gemologists, arena rockers and furries. All were transformative. 

This article was updated on June 22, 2023.

You may never have considered becoming an art collector but think about it: instead of those IKEA posters on your wall, you could have original art you love that will only increase in value over time. And you won’t need to mortgage your house! There are loads of affordable art available in Montréal, for anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred.


This small-press fair that occurs every fall and is a choice spot for limited-edition prints, postcards or posters that look awesome in a frame, in addition to the small-press books and comics that are the event’s main draw. The art set you back no more than $100, and they might just be by the next Basquiat.


Puces POP

Amid jewellery, cupcakes and apothecary products, you’ll find tons of original artworks in all forms at this arts and crafts marketplace organized by the people behind the POP Montréal festival. It takes place three times a year: in the spring, in the fall during the music fest, and throughout the winter holiday season.


This annual art fair focuses on works on paper, whether that’s large-scale wall art or small photographs. It’s a great place to encounter the Montréal gallery scene all under one roof, and the works tend to be on the affordable side — for top-notch collectible art. (Think a couple of thousands rather than dozens of thousands.)

Galerie Espace

You never know what you’ll chance upon at this gallery on the Main, and that’s what great about it! Artists rent it out themselves, which means there’s no curatorial overseer. You can find mind-blowing art here by painters, printmakers, photographers and more, and you know whatever you pay will go directly to the artist.


Station 16

Founded in 2008, this contemporary urban art gallery started as a silkscreen print shop that began working with local artists and developing fine-art prints, now a branch called Station16 Éditions. The S16 gallery now features an international roster of artists primarily influenced by street art and graffiti, such as Montréal’s own Kevin Ledo, Stikki Peaches and whatisadam.


Galerie MX

This large commercial art gallery just steps away from the Palais des congrès gives you a helping hand in figuring out if the works on display will look good in your living room by setting the mood with fireplaces and modernist couches. Many Québécois artists such as Dominic Besner and Nelly Lim are among its international roster. Prices go high, but start low.

Art Mûr

This three-storey art hub in Rosemont represents a range of artists, from newcomers on the scene to established masters. The best time to check it out for a first purchase is at the end of spring/early summer, when the second floor is dedicated to new graduates from university art programs. Get them while they’re green, and your investment might turn gold!

Galerie Youn

Founded by Juno Youn, this cool gallery has been a fresh voice on the scene since 2013. The gallery presents solo and group exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing local, national and international emerging to mid-career contemporary artists. While prices are not low, Galerie Youn is a popular destination for contemporary art lovers looking for something unusual.

Yves Laroche

This commercial gallery in the industrial neighbourhood of Chabanel, Montréal’s garment district, sells art by internationally-renowned artists alongside more affordable finds created locally. The curating tends toward urban arts, with a penchant for street techniques and comics-based work, with prices starting at a couple of thousand and up. But it’s worth it.


Artsy bars and clubs

If you’re new at art, a wonderful place to begin is in your favourite haunts. Montréal bars, eateries and coffee shops like Casa del Popolo and Le Cheval Blanc all have a rotating selection of art for sale exhibited on their walls, all for sale for cheap. You’ll make a local artist’s day and have a piece to cherish for years to come.

Online illustrator hubs

To purchase a piece of Montréal art without even leaving your home, try Etsy or illustrator hubs like Society6 or the local Sur Ton Mur, where just a few dollars will get you a high-res file you can print at the size you want. See how artists such as Evi Jane, Liligraffiti and Romain Blais have made homage to the city sights of Montréal itself! Or check out other local art stars like Lovestruck Prints, Pony and anything silkscreened by the Mille Putois print house.

Isa Tousignant

Isa Tousignant is a Montréal-based editor and storyteller with a curiosity that runs deeper than most. She has chatted life philosophies with celebrity chefs, gemologists, arena rockers and furries. All were transformative. 

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