5 indie cinemas in Montréal to check out now

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For 2020 moviegoers, nothing beats the quiet charm of an independent cinema. We invite you to browse through the programming of these Montréal independent theatres, institutions in their neighbourhood, that will give a local touch to your evening, while giving you access to foreign masterpieces or lesser-known local productions.

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Cinéma du Musée

Downtown - Golden Square Mile

Nestled at the heart of the Golden Square Mile, the Cinéma du Musée brings the seventh art to the MMFA’s multi-faceted offering. This independent fully-renovated cinema showcases an accessibly diverse programming, in both French and English. See more

Museums and Culture

Cinémathèque québécoise

An incredible film conservatory, the Cinémathèque has been committed, for 50 years, to preserving and documenting cinema, television, video, and other new media from all eras and countries, currently boasting a film collection over 40,000 strong! Check its calendar to see what's screening each day and choose between either two back-to-back shorts or a single feature-length film. See more

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Museums and Culture

Centre Phi VR Cinema

Old Montréal

The Phi Centre has earned its status as an exciting cultural nexus for art in all its forms. Its virtual reality film screenings encourage exploration, innovation and self-questioning through unique and eclectic programming and selected works from around the world. See more

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Museums and Culture

Cinéma Moderne

A Saint-Laurent Boulevard intimate café-bar-movie houses Cinéma Moderne, Montréal's tiniest theatre which opened its doors in September 2018. The cinema fosters a festive, community-oriented moviegoing experience with its patrons. The Mile End theater also offers new programming online. See more

Festivals and Events

Cinema-Parc Dante (Open-Air Cinema)

Little Italy and Villeray

For movies under the stars, go every wednesday in the Dante Parc. (until August 26) See more

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