To keep informed about the current situation

Directives issued by the Government of Canada to limit the spread of COVID-19

  • Since March 21, 2020, all non-essential United States  / Canada border crossings are prohibited. 

    • Essential travel will still be permitted. 

    • Products transported by land will not be impacted. 

    • Commercial goods may still transit. 

    • These measures will be effective for 30 days. After this period, they will be reassessed by both countries.
  • Flights to Canada are closed to all passengers who are not citizens or permanent or temporary residents of Canada. 

    • These measures exclude travellers entering Canada in transit to a third country. 

    • They also exclude diplomats, immediate family members of Canadian citizens, temporary foreign workers, certain international students or persons whose application for permanent residence has been accepted but who have not yet arrived in Canada. 

    • All travellers coming to Canada must observe a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. 


  • Since March 19, 2020, airlines must ban travel for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19.   


  • Since March 18, 2020, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Calgary airports are the only airports allowed to receive international flights. This will not impact flights from Mexico and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. 


  • Montréal's movie theatres, museums and other attractions are to remain closed. 


  • Regarding pandemic prevention measures, the Prime Minister of Canada confirmed that while other measures are being considered, social distancing continues to be the main priority for the government. 

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