To keep informed about the current situation

Please note that the information below was last updated on June 22, 2021.

On June 14, Montréal became a yellow zone, signalling the further lifting of many restrictions. The Gouvernement du Québec continues to roll out its reopening plan over the next few months, until the end of August 2021. The vaccination plan is progressing well, with over 70% of the population having received at least one dose. For more information on the current situation, read this article.

Here are the main things to remember for Montréal:

On June 14, 2021

  • Montréal was designated a yellow zone. (The curfew was lifted at the end of May.)

Activities permitted in yellow zones

  • Indoor gatherings of people from different 2 households are now permitted.
  • Outdoor gatherings are permitted on private property and on balconies for a maximum of 8 people from different households or all occupants from two households. Basic health measures must be followed at all times.
  • Restaurants are open for indoor dining and terraces are open. Residents of a maximum of 2 different households can share the same table.
  • With the exception of fast food services, an attendance registry must be kept.
  • Bars, breweries, taverns, casinos are open, with restrictions
    • 50% of the maximum capacity.
    • Residents of a maximum of 2 different households can share the same table.
    • Customers must remain seated at their tables.
    • Dancing and singing are prohibited.
    • An attendance registry must be kept.
    • Establishments must close at midnight (alcohol sales must stop at 11 p.m.).
  • It is possible to practice supervised sports (no contact sports) and recreational activities outdoors, in groups of 25 people maximum.
  • Indoor concert halls and outdoor venues with assigned seats are able to welcome up to 2,500 people (spread out in zones of 250 people).
  • Travel to another region or city of the province of Québec is not recommended, but is permitted.

As of June 25, 2021

  • Day camps and vacation camps will reopen.
  • You will be able to take part in public activities and events outdoors, according to specific rules (details to follow).
  • There will be an easing of requirements on wearing masks and distancing oneself at private gatherings for people having received both vaccine doses.
  • Rules will be relaxed for outdoor stadiums with fixed, pre-assigned seating.
    • Maximum of 2,500 people.

Towards the end of August 2021

  • In the case where 75% of Quebecers aged 12 years and older have received both doses of the vaccine, and if the epidemiological circumstances allow it, other rules will be relaxed for gatherings, indoor and outdoor events, sports and recreational activities.

What remains open

  • Nonessential businesses, including personal care services and hairdressers;
  • Shopping centres;
  • Libraries;
  • Museums;
  • Cinemas (as of June 7, their food concessions may open, with restrictions);
  • Accommodation establishments of all types, including guest houses (exception: youth hostels);
  • Indoor swimming pools and skating rinks in municipalities (for individuals or groups from the same family bubble);
  • Hotel swimming pools (see hotel’s specific schedule and rules);
  • Spas.

Basic rules

Limit contacts, maintain physical distancing, and wear a mask or face covering.

Public health authorities have reiterated the importance of limiting contacts beyond our households, maintaining social distances in indoor and outdoor public spaces, and of wearing a mask in all indoor and outdoor public spaces or wherever the two-metre distance cannot be maintained. A mask or face covering is mandatory for people aged 10 years and over in all indoor public places (including public transit) throughout the territory of the province of Québec.

Travel and borders 

To learn more about the status of international travel and border crossings, or the mandatory measures for visitors entering Canada from abroad, visit the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) website for the latest official information.  


For specific questions regarding public health guidelines, government regulations and support programs or about travel to and within Montréal, we recommend consulting these sites for official information.    

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