Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Destination Policy

Tourisme Montréal is moving towards a more proactive and strategic role in the management of the destination, where the coexistence of residents and tourists is encouraged in a concern "to harmoniously integrate tourist flows into local dynamics". Sustainable tourism aims to create a smart, financially prosperous, diverse and sustainable tourism sector. For Tourisme Montréal, this is a major and ambitious paradigm shift.


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Fanny Beaulieu-Cormier, Sustainable tourism consultant

By carrying out the actions outlined in the policy, Tourisme Montréal contributes to a thriving industry and a harmonious cohabitation of visitors and residents. As an organization, it is building back better and it is dedicated to a sustainable and resilient recovery. It ensures commercial and business growth, while building resilience and sustainability at all levels: economic, social, cultural and environmental.

Our growth perspective is very real. It must emphasize the benefits for the entire Montreal community. By focusing on economic, social and environmental aspects, it is part of a sustainable development perspective.

A true manifesto for a sustainable recovery, this framework for intervention in sustainable tourism aims to rebuild better by being part of the movement of benevolent and regenerative tourism. It builds a common front for tourism resilience with the business and local communities.

Sutainable Destination Policy

This strategy, to which the entire Tourisme Montréal ecosystem must adhere and contribute, will encourage the development of an exemplary tourism destination by 2030 by having a positive impact on the local community and the environment, by promoting the harmonious cohabitation of the local population and tourists, by promoting responsible tourism within our ecosystem, by ensuring the organization of environmentally friendly business and sports events, and by encouraging sustainable business actions that promote growth.

« Tourisme Montréal uses the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as its frame of reference. »

Tourism as collective wealth

Beyond the number of travelers, tourism prosperity is defined by an improved visitor experience, increased local satisfaction, local economic benefits, and the preservation of green spaces that support a vibrant living environment adapted to climate change.

The benefits of tourism are therefore numerous. In addition to acting as a major economic vector, it contributes to cultural exchanges, mutual understanding and peace. « It counters discrimination and prejudice between individuals and societies and constitutes in many ways a form of collective wealth. »

In Montreal, the socio-economic benefits of tourism also include :

  • The tourist traffic which is important for the maintenance of cultural and museum institutions, in addition to strongly animating the central districts and the regions bordering the destination.
  • The presence of visitors in Montreal neighborhoods which contributes to the dynamism of the place and which has an impact on residents' sense of security.
  • Business events that contribute to increasing research and scientific knowledge locally and around the world.
  • Sporting events that contribute to the well-being of local communities and participants by providing important legacy and social impact.
  • The creation of quality jobs in several areas of the tourism ecosystem.

To consult the sustainable destination policy and know its four pillars, consult this page.