ArchitecTours guided tours - Héritage Montréal

Tours with certified guides

Discover the diversity and richness of our city’s houses on walking tours of eight Montréal neighbourhoods.

From rural houses to rowhouses and conversions, come explore the metropolis with a guide and get a new perspective on the balconies, spiral staircases, porches, gables and other architectural elements emblematic of Montréal’s everyday life. All walking tours are two hours long and are offered in French as well as in English – rain or shine.

Since 1975, Heritage Montreal has worked to protect and promote the architectural, historical, natural and cultural heritage of Greater Montréal. This private non-profit organization acts at the heart of a vast network of partners by focusing on education, representation and consultation to promote and enrich the identity and uniqueness of Montréal, Québec’s demographic and economic core, and home to the largest collection of heritage properties on a national scale.


Aug 11 to Oct 7, 2018: Sun, Sat, 2 p.m.

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ArchitecTours guided tours - Héritage Montréal
Montréal, QC
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