Tours and cruises

Make the most of your visit to Montréal by delving into history, culture, fabulous food and more by treating yourself to a guided tour. Check out the city’s top attractions with a double-decker bus tour or join up with a walking tour to learn about everything from Old Montréal's industrial past to colourful urban murals. Bike tours give you an insider's eye on neighbourhood hotspots. Tasting excursions stop for bagels, poutine, coffee, wine and more classic consumables. Or sit back and discover the island city on a relaxing river cruise on the St. Lawrence. 

  • Maritime Shuttles of the St. Lawrence
  • The Mile End Montreal Food Tour - Local Montréal Tours
  • Montréal Mural Tour by Spade & Palacio Tours | MURAL festival - Sarah Erenthal (2018)
  • Fitz Montréal Bike Tours