Passeport en fût

Microbreweries and pubs

Armed with a passport, you can travel the world. Armed with Passeport en fût, you can travel through Québec’s exciting craft beer landscape, one delicious pint at a time!

Passeport en fût is a digital reference tool to discover Québec’s thriving microbrewery scene. Users simply download it to a smartphone and select 12 breweries from among over 85 throughout Québec with over twenty in Montréal alone. Designed specially for visitors to Montréal, the "Travel Pack" is a version of the Passeport that allows you to choose 6 microbreweries of the Montréal scene. 

Choose your microbreweries one after the other, whenever convenient for you. You just need to choose the brewery before entering. With Passeport en fût, you get either a pint or three tasting glasses at each location. Try a new brew and try out the menu, too, thanks to suggestions from the app for each establishment.

Passeport en fût, it's kind of like a customized microbrewery playlist!

Passeport en fût
Montréal, QC
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