14th edition

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Montreal's flagship winter event, Luminothérapie invites you to experience fully northern life with a journey of luminous and interactive works. Every winter, a fun, luminous and interactive art installation lights up the Quartier des Spectacles, warming the hearts, bodies and minds of all who attend. The installation and its theme may change every year, but one thing remains constant: originality, creativity and the joy of playing pervade every corner of the Quartier! A tribute to popular culture, these catalysts for collective energy are a celebration of light, sound and movement. Everyone is invited to join in the interactive fun in a festive wintry atmosphere!

  • Echoes - a voice from uncharted waters by Mathias Gmachl Luminothérapie - 12th edition
  • Roseaux - Luminothérapie - 12th edition
  • Impulse - Luminothérapie 12th edition
  • Sonic Runway - Luminothérapie - 12th edition
  • Impulse - Luminothérapie 12th edition
  • Nova - Luminothérapie 12th edition


  • from November 30, 2023 to March 10, 2024


Free entrance


  • Entertainment for children
  • Bar
  • Concert, show
  • Films, projection
  • Illuminations


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