Verdun Beach

Leisure activites, nature and relaxation Outdoor Pôle des Rapides

Set on the shore of the beautiful Saint-Lawrence River, this unique, universally-accessible urban beach offers a cool respite from the hazy days of summer. With a concrete path leading down to the swimming area complete with ramp access, slides, a climbing wall, hammocks and sandy areas for playing, there’s tons of fun to be had for everyone. What’s more, the swimming area is as calm as can be thanks to a rock dike and a sand-filled area surrounded by rockfill in the river. The natural beauty of the beach scene and river are showcased by picturesque multi-level landscaping complete with viewpoints to take it all in. Call ahead to find out whether swimming is permitted.

  • Plage de Verdun
  • Open book at the beach
  • Promenade Wellington



  • Picnic area
  • Swimming


  • Paid parking on site