Discover winter wonderlands in Montréal

Winter in Montréal defies all cold weather expectations as the city celebrates wintertime with an abundance of outdoor parties, high-tech light shows, Christmas markets and creative gourmet food. Warm up at Montréal's best restaurants, dance and play at jubilant winter festivals, sip a signature cocktail by the glow of a fireplace, stroll through fascinating art galleries and museums, shop for one-of-a-kind gifts at professional craft fairs, zip on a snowsuit and sled down the mountain with locals, go ice skating in Parc La Fontaine or next to the St. Lawrence River, or simply get cozy in hotels all decked out for the season.

Wonderful winter festivities for all

Montréal stays true to its entertaining, energetic and oh-so stylish nature even when temperatures drop well below zero. Outside in the snow or warm indoors, all manner of unique activities make the city an essential wintertime destination:

  1. Music, art, food and drink abound at one of the biggest winter festivals in the world, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, complete with outdoor ice slides, a Ferris wheel and illuminated art, plus citywide all-nighter event Nuit blanche à Montréal
  2. Put on your brightest parka and toque and dance in your winter boots to the beat of Igloofest, an outdoor electronic music event like no other
  3. Find one-of-a-kind locally designed clothing, jewellery, housewares, gifts and so much more at the city's best artisanal winter art and craft fairs
  4. Ice skate to music under the stars in the historic Old Port of Montréal
  5. Join the throngs of brave kids and adults alike in a true Montréal winter tradition: sledding down the mountain (Mount Royal) after a snow fall
  6. Watch the snowflakes fall gently to the ground as you sip a latté, tea or hot chocolate from a cozy café window.
  7. Discover free entertainment in the form of live music, poetry, bonfires, and many surprises at Christmas in the park festival.