Fall into vivid autumn activities in Montréal

Fall emerges as an action-packed autumn sequel to summer's frenzy, sporting its own calm moments among Montréal's round-the-clock entertainment. Every night of the season brings a new band, award-winning film or dance troupe to the city. By day, explore Montréal's colourful Mount Royal and abundant farmers markets and by night cozy up with apple cider in a hidden-away bar. Add even more colour to your visit with apple picking, an easy day trip just outside the city centre.

Fall flavours and autumnal charms

Summer extends well into autumn in Montréal, meaning more patio time, outdoor entertainment and walks in the park. New music, film, theatre, dance and art add a diversity of cultural experiences to an already transformative season.

  1. Show-hop with all manner of music fans as the Pop Montréal festival takes over dozens of the city's stages, from major venues to holes in the wall
  2. Witness stories unfold on screen, experiments in cinematic art and discussions about film at international Festival du Nouveau Cinéma
  3. Walk through the sprawling natural beauty of Mont-Royal Park, Parc La Fontaine and Parc Jean-Drapeau as the leaves change colour
  4. Delight in the seasonal fruits, vegetables and ready-to-eat dishes (and cheeses!) at Jean Talon Market and Atwater Market
  5. Pore over excellent new exhibitions at the city's galleries and museums, including photography that goes beyond the expected during Le Mois de la Photo