Montréal : a romantic trip, days and nights

Romantic dinners and walks in the park are only a fraction of Montréal's romance realm for couples. Quaint cobblestone streets, cozy boutique hotels and that one-of-a-kind French-Canadian style make the city North America’s romance capital, a hotbed of charm. Romantic subtleties permeate the city. At Hôtel Nelligan, the walls are adorned with poetry. In winter, couples can ice skate in Parc La Fontaine to the soundtrack of classical music. Heck, we even have a restaurant called LOV. That said, the best romantic discoveries are the ones we can’t plan for you. They’re the unplannable moments, when the city lights are reflected in the eyes of your sweetheart and the city feels like the setting of a romantic film. But it’s not La La Land — it’s Montréal.

How to fall in love with Montréal

With the right person, a simple walk down any Montréal avenue can be the most amorous of activities. But there are certain corners of the city where romance is augmented. Here are a few places to up the ardour ante.

  1. Smooch at the top of Mount Royal
  2. Get steamy at Montréal’s ferryboat spa, Bota Bota
  3. Smell the roses at the Botanical Garden
  4. Watch the sunset from Saint Joseph's Oratory
  5. Sip hot chocolate at Juliette et chocolat