Vegetarian-friendly diners to try in Montréal

From high-end restaurants to local diners, Montréal’s culinary scene has it all. Some of our most famous and iconic restaurants don’t feature table linens and coat-checks, but are fun, laid-back affairs that sometimes don’t even have chairs. Hitting up our city’s famous “greasy spoons” for counter-top favourites like burgers and fries is an age old tradition, but what if you don’t eat meat?  Luckily, Montréal is home to a great variety of classic diners with awesome vegetarian options that will satiate your comfort-food cravings and won’t break the bank.

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Gibeau Orange Julep

Although gone are the days of carhops and window-side service at the Orange Julep, “The Big Orange” remains a popular hangout. Here, vegetarian options, like veggie burgers and “Pogos” (what we call corndogs), go nicely with a tall frosty cup of Montréal’s famous julep. The pleasant doo-wop soundtrack played over loud speakers completes the wistful walk down memory lane. – 7700 Décarie Boulevard


Restaurant L’Anecdote

A typical corner diner, L’Anecdote has a menu that not only consists of traditional “greasy-spoon” items like burgers and hot dogs, but also dishes that vegetarians can enjoy. Cases in point, veggie burgers with grilled tofu or a club sandwich with sautéed onions and mushrooms will keep you satisfied whether you eat meat or not. – 801 Rachel Street East


Patati Patata

This quaint diner is recognizable by the colourful mural that decorates the outside of the building. Patati Patata is the go-to spot for breakfast goers and even the late night crowd along The Main (opened until 2 a.m. daily.) Try their vegetable omelet – made with mushrooms, onions and cheese – or they can step it up by making it vegan-friendly by substituting eggs with tofu. – 4177 Saint Laurent Boulevard


Beautys Luncheonette

Beautys Luncheonette has been featured on many travel shows and is revered by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain for its no-frills menu and nod to nostalgia. There isn’t any place better in the city to eat a chopped-egg sandwich on a classic Montréal bagel or a veggie melt on Russian black bread. – 93 Mont-Royal Avenue West

Nouveau Palais

Located in the eclectic neighbourhood of the Mile-End, this diner is a favourite among locals for its humble menu classics. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can enjoy a comforting mac and cheese, eggplant parmigiana, and vegetarian chili served daily. – 281 Bernard Street West

Mister Steer Restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown, Mister Steer is another one of those restaurants that has stood the test of time (open for over 50 years). It’s a popular spot for a Canadiens pregame meal or a postgame celebratory bash. Vegetarians will appreciate the veggie burger with a side of renowned “Suzie Q” curly fries. – 1198 Saint-Catherine Street West


Dépanneur Le Pick-Up

If the picnic tables didn’t give it away, this unique venue is not only a corner store to pick up a six-pack at, but also a popular Mile-Ex spot to eat. Try the grilled haloumi sandwich with mint coleslaw or the vegetarian pulled “pork” sandwich. – 7032 Waverly Street

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