Through My Lens: Montréal by Zab Café

Jani Pronovost

Passionate and exciting: two words that aptly describe the Zab Café Collective. These bright young coffee roasters have quickly become the shining stars of Montréal’s coffee scene. Using their unique logo—their brand name with a skull and leaves of a coffee plant—Zab Café took over our Instagram account for a day and prepared an unctuous and aromatic mix of some of their top picks on where to go in the city.

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Whether sipping a delicious selection of microbrewery beers at Isle de Garde, spending some family time over a bowl of soup at La Belle Tonkinoise, tucking in to the amazing flavours of Le Super Qualité Indian snack bar, choosing from the gourmet selections at Moleskine, falling in love with the Italian cuisine and superb wines at Restaurant Radis, Zab Café has a hand-picked cache of Montréal gems. And while they are deeply passionate about all of Montréal, you’re most likely to find them in the charming Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood. This trendy, family-focussed area is dear to their hearts because it’s here that their Paquebot Bélanger venture began.

Not only does the Zab Café Collective deliver on the “wow”, but it is passionate about local products and always on the lookout for authentic city experiences. And, being a bunch of nature lovers themselves, they regularly attend events that open their minds and inspire them. A big must is the Festival Mural, which shines the light on urban art and creativity. And they don’t miss Montréal East Coast Coffee Madness, the big event for any serious coffee craftsperson. Their playful side? It shines through with the Dime Street Challenge skateboarding, while their artistic, design and epicurean leanings are sated at MR-63’s seasonal spaces.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve handed over our Instagram account where they’ll be showing you the sides of Montréal they love… ones where it’s possible to dream anything can happen.

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