Through my lens: Mayssam Samaha’s Montréal

Lynn Habel

Before adopting Montréal as her home over 20 years ago, Mayssam was born and raised in Lebanon and had lived in New York City. As she explored different métiers, from interior and graphic design to catering, Mayssam travelled extensively, eating her way around the world and developing a passion for the flavours and cultures of the countries she visited.

Her popular blog, Will Travel for Food, is a celebration of culinary travel, earning a place as a finalist for the Saveur Food Blog Award, on USA Today Readers' Choice list and on Tacidio's list of Top Food Travel Blogs.

Mayssam will take us on a virtual visit of some of her favourite neighbourhoods, from Villeray and Little Italy to Mile End and La Petite Patrie.

Expect to start with a sumptuous brunch, visit the Jean-Talon Market and stop to warm up for fresh-brewed coffee along the way as she guides us through a delicious day visiting her Montréal.

Lynn Habel

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