Through My Lens: Summer in Montréal by Laure Juilliard

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How do you define a Montrealer? It’s not a question of where you were born; it’s how you live, love and open yourself to the world. Laure Juilliard may have been born in Paris, but her warmth, her sense of wonder and curiosity, her openness to new people and new experiences, and her love of great food – bien sûr! – make her a quintessential Montrealer. Best known as the “serial bruncher” behind the blog Une Parisienne à Montréal [A Parisian in Montréal], Laure also writes about fashion, lifestyle, travel and culture for Elle Québec, Air Transat and l’Avenue du Mont-Royal, to name but a few. Laure also pens our weekly Quoi faire [Things to Do] and is a regular contributor to Tourisme Montréal’s content platforms.

When she is not brunching with friends at local hot spot or globe-trotting the world to discover the DNA of other destinations, Laure can often be found sipping a latté in front of her laptop in a cozy café or exploring the streets and boutiques of Montréal’s many eclectic neighbourhoods.

Laure co-founded her latest project, the online magazine Slow Journeys, with Livia Posteuca last year. It’s the natural evolution of her approach to travel – opening her eyes and heart to new places while taking the time to soak in her surroundings and be transformed by the spirit, aesthetics and flavours of every place she travels to. 

Laure’s images (@laurejuil) are luminous, graceful and refined. We are delighted that she accepted our invitation to take over our Instagram account for a day to bring us her vision of summer in Montréal. We can’t wait to see where she’ll take us!

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