Through my lens: Francis Duval shares his Montréal

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Every photographer sees the world from their own unique perspective. An urban planning student, @francisduval captures the structure and the patterns of light in every subject he photographs. His images range from the wide expanses of natural landscapes to the geometry of man-made structures, interspersed with the small details that form the mosaic of moments in our lives.

There is a stillness and nobility to Francis’s images. Though he shoots a wide variety of eclectic subjects, there is a cohesiveness and integrity to his photography that has earned him over 48,000 followers on Instagram.

When he is not creating images, Francis can be found studying, drinking coffee or going for a run somewhere in his home city of Montréal.

Francis Duval will be taking over our Instagram account today to take us on an adventure to discover the streets, people, buildings and moments that make up his Montréal.

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