Through my lens: discover a neighbourhood with Danny Pavlopoulos

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Imagine you’re visiting a city and you want to do a deep-dive into the local experience – not just the postcard stuff, but the cool stuff that only locals know. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a really cool guide to show you around? If you come to Montréal, you might want to give Danny Pavlopoulos a call.

Danny is the co-founder (with partner Anne-Marie Pellerin) of Spade & Palacio Non-Touristy Tours, a Montréal tour company offering guided bike tours, walking tours and food tours for small groups. Nothing cliché, just the best of Montréal’s off-the-beaten path experiences and hidden gems.

As a popular local guide, Danny really knows the ins and outs of the Montréal’s most popular places, of course, but he also likes to introduce visitors to neighbourhoods that are less well-known. When we approached Danny to take over our Instagram account for a day, that’s exactly what he proposed. Today, we will be hitting the streets to discover one of these lesser-known ‘hoods: Park Extension.

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