Through my lens: Montréal on foot by charlymtl

Lynn Habel

Montrealers know that the best way to get to know the city is on foot. As you stroll from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, the unique character of each street, park and square slowly reveals itself, opening a treasure trove of moods and experiences.

Charly Saad (@charlymtl) is a Montrealer and amateur photographer who loves to walk and explore. He combines his passion for photography with his love for Montréal to beautifully capture the art, architecture and atmosphere of the city. His most recent series of images, hashtagged #museinthestreets, shows his partner walking against backdrops of colourful houses and stunning street art. He hopes to inspire others to explore the city on foot, whatever the weather, and take the time to notice the beauty of Montréal’s eclectic urban landscape.

From the Plateau to Westmount, from Mount Royal to Old Montréal, Charly always manages to portray the distinctive character and creative soul of the city. We are delighted to turn our Instagram account over to Charly and we can’t wait to see where he will take us.

Lynn Habel

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