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There are a thousand and one ways to discover the world. For Ben, all adventures start with food – so his nickname, @uncle_bens_, comes as no surprise: he’s a huge foodie with a crazy streak and a passion for travel.

Nothing thrills Ben more than sharing his favourite restaurants discovered in the course of his travels. He criss-crosses cities the world over in search of delicious (and photogenic!) foodie gems for his 67,300 followers on Instagram. His shots pay homage to the culinary arts: each of his photos is an irresistible, tantalizing work of art in and of itself.

“Making people happy through food…” This is Ben’s mission, one that he accomplishes masterfully. His photos don’t just make your mouth water – they glorify everyday pleasures: striking up a conversation, meeting new people, and being amazed or delighted by a good meal.

Montréal, with its wide-ranging, creative and innovative culinary scene, offers no shortage of these special moments. A big fan of Montréal, Ben was able to make his dream of living here come true by becoming an ambassador for the city’s 375th anniversary. Upon his arrival in the dead of winter, he roamed the city, visiting its lesser-known spots and soaking up the unique energy that each neighbourhood has to offer. Today, he feels more like a Montrealer than ever!

He shares with us his offbeat, vibrant and colourful vision of our amazing city, and we are delighted that he agreed to take over our Instagram account for a day.

Seeing the city through Ben’s eyes, we’re sure to rediscover our bright, fun and food-obsessed city.

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