Through my lens: Anne-Marie Pellerin’s Montréal

Lynn Habel

Montrealers are passionate about their city and love to share their favourite places with visitors. A few even make it their vocation in life. Anne-Marie Pellerin (@spadeandpalacio) is a great example: she is hands-down one of the most passionate Montrealers you will ever meet. She has made a career of spreading her love for the city to visitors in her role as a professional tour guide for the popular tour company, Spade & Palacio, which she co-founded in 2014 with her friend and fellow guide, Danny Pavlopoulos.

Originally from Chile, Anne-Marie grew up in the mountainous Laurentians region just north of Montréal. As a young child, there was always a good reason to come to Montréal. Later, soccer and her studies led her here, and, over the years, the cultural wealth, diversity and local culinary scene made her fall in love with the city day after day.

She met her future business partner while she was studying to become a tourist guide at the ITHQ. After having worked as a guide for different tour companies, she and Danny founded Spade & Palacio, offering “non-touristy tours” and authentic local experiences, emphasizing personal interactions with small business owners and local entrepreneurs.

Anne-Marie keeps her camera close and is continually amazed at the new discoveries she makes all over the city, striving to capture the beauty of Montréal from every angle. On a typical summer day, you’ll find her on rolling through the streets on two wheels leading a flock of pink flamingos around town – those are the fleet of pink bicycles that S&P uses for bike tours – on her way to check out an indie café or new craft brewery.

Anne-Marie got hooked on travel at a young age when she had the opportunity to travel to a variety of countries around the globe. She even considered calling herself a snowbird at the age of 27, heading to warmer horizons in the winter months. But even the best soups, beaches and vibrant cities in Asia could not lure her away from Montréal. For her, no city is like Montréal.

For her Instagram takeover, Anne-Marie will take us exploring The Main, Montréal’s storied Saint-Laurent Boulevard, from Old Montréal and Chinatown in the south, to the eclectic multicultural neighbourhoods further north. 

Lynn Habel

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