Guide to Montréal's high-end designers

Québec fashion is all about original cuts, exquisite materials, unique styles and strict attention to detail. Use this guide to discover Montréal designers with bold personalities and collections that range from avant-garde to timeless elegance.

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Luxury, luxury and more luxury


Denis Gagnon

Stitched leather, pleated satin, luxurious sequins and weightless silk characterize the highly original and decidedly feminine design of Denis Gagnon. There's a whole world to discover in his boutique, located on the stylish Rue Saint-Paul in Old Montréal.


Harricana par Mariouche

Since 1993, this Montréal brand has been recycling old furs and giving a second life to coats and silk and cashmere scarves. All its creations are made under ethical manufacturing conditions, helping to make the planet a better—and more fashionable—place.

Marie Saint Pierre

Maison Marie Saint Pierre has been sharing its vision of comfortable and functional luxury for 30 years. Its expertly crafted collections balance innovative textures and organic volume. Almost like a second skin.


Philippe Dubuc

Active on Quebec's men's fashion scene since 1993, Philippe Dubuc's refined style is distinguished by modern materials, elegant cuts, mineral tones and a polished finish.

Rad Hourani

Invited by grand couturiers Chambre syndicale de la haute couture de Paris, Jordanian-Canadian designer Rad Hourani presented the first haute couture runway in history featuring unisex fashions in 2013. His “genderless, raceless, ageless, nationless and limitless” collections feature skillfully crafted pieces that are both contemporary and timeless.

Tavan & Mitto

Payam Tavan and Mike Mitto founded their eponymous fashion house in 1995. Their CAPSULE collection, created in 2015, offers redesigned versions of famous classics like the contemporary trench coat and white shirt.



The feminine and minimalist designs by UNTTLD are modern yet evoke timeless elegance. From chic evening dresses to roomy coats and casual structured blazers, the brand's signature sensual look can be seen in all its creations.

Classic ready-to-wear

Atelier b

Catherine Métivier and Anne-Marie Laflamme founded atelier b in 2009. True to textile and tailoring traditions, their collections feature classic design and soft textures. Their gorgeous boutique can be found in the Mile End neighbourhood.


Betina Lou and Marmier

Timelessness and attention to detail are at the heart of the creative process for Marie-Eve Emond, the designer behind Betina Lou (womenswear) and Marmier (menswear). Emond's refined collections feature an array of classic pieces reinterpreted to combine tradition and modernity. All the articles are designed and cut in Montréal before being assembled by small local teams. This careful workmanship is displayed for all to discover in an attractive concept store located in La Petite-Patrie.


Bodybag by Jude

Judith Desjardins launched her BODYBAG by Jude brand in 1998. Designed entirely in Montréal, her collections feature classic and contemporary womenswear for young professionals.

Ça va de soi

Ça va de soi is a shrine to small sweaters, graceful and sensual dresses, textured skirts and knitted cardigans made with ultra-fine Super 160 merino wool. It's style with a featherweight feel!


Eve Gravel

Prints designed in-house, timeless cuts and relaxed femininity are the trademark of Eve Gravel, which is celebrating its 15th year. All the collections are designed and produced in Montréal.


Mélissa Nepton

Mélissa Nepton's collections are comfortable yet daring, embodying fluidity, sensuality and femininity. They're the very essence of casual chic.


Noémie Vaillancourt designs expressive and exquisite dresses, jumpsuits, tops and accessories that feel as fresh as a summer night.

Valérie Dumaine

The designs by this Montréal brand feature classic cuts, sophisticated comfort and great attention to detail. The final product is both elegant and edgy.

Atelier New Regime

This streetwear brand, founded in 2009, is known for its prominent slogans and its penchant for shades of orange. Its designs are equal parts cool, refined and comfortable.

Ready-to-wear: on the edgier side


Le Cartel

This artists’ crew promotes the work and style of each of its members through clothing design. All of Le Cartel's visuals and clothes are silk-screened in Montreal. We recommend picking up your order directly from their Mile End workshop so you can meet the entire team.


The black and minimalist pieces by Loïc Untereiner and Quentin Schwaab oscillate between fluidity and rigidity. The result is both original and highly expressive.


Martel's pieces feature an airy and fluid design that fits perfectly with the contemporary era, which values comfort but not at the expense of style.

Pedram Karimi

Pedram Karimi's design can be described as edgy, underground and conceptual. Karimi likes to experiment with androgynous styles, as evidenced by the minimalism and contemporary forms of his creations.


This Montréal brand launched by Marie-Eve Proulx and Yana Gorbulsky is based on the “comfort-chic” concept, with pieces that feel as soft as pyjamas while being stylish enough for social events. The products feature very comfortable, high-quality fabrics, expert tailoring and contemporary cuts.


Sonia Cardinal left the world of web marketing and television to found Oneself, a minimalist and refined Montréal brand. Oneself offers only a limited range of pieces, making its design all the more unique.


The unisex, hip hop-inspired collections by WRKDEPT are eccentric, contemporary and somewhat evocative of the style of Parisian design collective Vetements. In short, very Generation Z.

One final touch


This brand features handmade bags by Lexane Rousseau. The products are made with vegetable-tanned leather and crafted using traditional weaving and casting techniques. Genuine minimalist gems!


Lowell's sleek and timeless unisex bags are an embodiment of Montréal style: simple, urban and deeply imaginative. All the collections are designed and produced in Montréal. Their concept store in the Mile End, which opened its doors in 2013, is a haven of good taste.


Designer Marie-Anne Miljours creates “slow-made” eco-leather accessories that are classic, simple and elegant.


Inspired by origami, minimalist objects and jewellery, this luxury leather goods brand launched in 2017 by Madeleine Beaulieu offers accessories of refined design and exceptional quality. Partoem’s unique products feature folded designs and seamless assembly. Perfection guaranteed!

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