10 Montréal trendsetters to follow on Instagram

Montréal is a city with its finger on the pulse. An official City of Design in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Montréal is a beloved stomping grounds of designers, creatives and fashionistas – and here’s 10 trendsetting accounts we think you should follow to get a taste of the city via some of its most inspiring creators.

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Nico Fonseca’s In the Mouth promises experiential and sensory design via unforgettable culinary experimentation – all served up with visual panache and a side of fun.


A definitively cutting-edge, multi-platform design and advertising studio, Baillat Studio’s Instagram runs the gamut from eye-catching record sleeves and branding to crowd-pleasing concert installations that will leave you feeling some heavy FOMO.


The official Instagram of the MAPP_MTL, Montréal's international mapping festival, @mapp_mtl captures some of the mind-blowing video mapping projects around the city, bringing any surface to vivid life.


Design studio Daily tous les jours has contributed unforgettable installation works brightening up public spaces, including the ‘Hallelujah’ chamber as part of the Leonard Cohen memorial museum show A Crack in Everything currently on its world tour at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND in Copenhagen.



Architect and designer Zébulon Perron is famed for his skilled eye and modern interiors. His Instagram lets us see what’s catching his attention – and post after post offers inspiration in droves.


Artist and muralist Ola Volo’s large-scale works have transformed the sides of Montréal buildings with her sleek lines and colourful characters. Once you’ve seen some of her murals, you’ll want to Instagram them too.


Working to beautify Montréal’s open spaces with murals and other artworks, MU’s Instagram account keeps tabs on the city’s continually changing visual palette.


Eye-popping yet minimalist, the hand-made lamps of Lambert & Fils Studio give any space a distinctly Montréal feel.


Fellow handcrafted lighting makers, Larose Guyon’s dramatic statement pieces are sure to make an impression, while their Instagram also spotlights the art and spaces that inspire their creations.


With a focus on fashion, photography, architecture and art, Anniversary Magazine is the type of publication that impresses any guest on the coffee table. Curated and published in Montréal, it captures the joie de vivre of the city in spades.

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