10 Montréal musts for geeks and gamers

Kazzie Charbonneau

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Montréal has a thousand and one activities and festivals for pop culture and gaming fans to choose from. Whether you’re into manga, can’t get enough of Catan or are a pro at Pokémon Go, there is truly something for everyone. Here are some must-see suggestions from Pèse sur Start for those who want to live the geek life full out!

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O-Taku Manga Lounge

The O-Taku Manga Lounge is ideal for unwinding with a good book and delicious bubble tea. The café also boasts many specialty snacks that fans of Japanese culture will adore. Read here or choose a manga for the road from the huge O-Taku Manga Lounge bookstore.

L'Adversaire - Pub Ludique

Microbrewery beers, vintage video games, arcade games and board games: invite your crew out for a fun evening at L'Adversaire. The pub offers a huge selection of board games that you can play while nibbling on a plate of nachos, and hosts are on hand to explain the games if needed. And what about the Nintendo 64 consoles? Cue the nostalgia!  

Arcade MTL

The Arcade MTL bar is a must for gamers of nearly every age, and the first Montréal bar devoted exclusively to gaming in the heart of the Quartier Latin. Here’s a peek at some of its excellent choices:

- Galaga

- Punch-Out

- Donkey Kong

- Tetris

- Super Contra

- Marvel vs. Capcom.

Want a drink? The bar also crafts theme cocktails.

Amusement 2000 Plus

Step into the authentic arcade ambiance of Amusement 2000 Plus and time travel back to your childhood. There are tons of games to choose from, including classics like Dance Dance Revolution and more recent ones. You may not see the time fly by, but who cares? It’s open until the wee hours of the morning.

Boutique Geekatorium

For geek accessories and apparel, look no further than the amazing Boutique Geekatorium on Saint-Denis Street. There’s something for fans of Pokémon, Harry Potter, Marvel, Naruto, The Legend of Zelda and much more. Let your sartorial geek shine bright as you browse its huge selection of T-shirts and jewelry.


Esports Central

Esports Central is the largest video gaming complex in the country, right in the heart of downtown Montréal. Esports Central offers 94 high-end PCs, 25 gaming consoles, 6 sim-racers, a Playstation VR space plus all the latest and greatest in fully-immersive gaming technology. You can get together with friends and have a bite or a drink while you play all the hottest games. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled: you might spot some gaming superstars who have been known to practice here. You can access the fun with affordable hourly rates or grab a day pass for even more fun!



Montréal is a city that loves to have fun and offers tons of events for fans of pop culture, games and gaming year-round. Here’s a peek:

- Pokémon GO Safari Zone (September 20 to 22, 2019)

Parc Jean-Drapeau welcomes fans of the mobile game Pokémon Go to an event that will turn the island into a true Pokémon paradise. This is an excellent opportunity to catch Pokémon never seen before in Montréal. Just what you need to fill up your Pokédex!

- Montréal joue (annually in February)

The Montréal joue event offers several fun-filled days of activities. Board games, gaming and entertainment are all on the line-up in an event that caters to both the young and the young at heart.

- Montréal Comiccon (annually in July)

For over a decade now, Comiccon has been uniting thousands of comic and superhero buffs every summer. This is your chance to don a costume, browse the merch and meet some of the biggest stars of the genre!

- Otakuthon, Anime Convention (annually in August)

Each year, Otakuthon brings together young and old to share their love of anime and manga. Haven’t tried cosplay yet? After this magical event, you’ll be smitten.

Kazzie Charbonneau

Kazzie Charbonneau, content creator

Kazzie Charbonneau creates digital content for Pèse sur Start, a Québec website that features geek culture and videogames. She also co-hosts the Pèse sur Start podcast and is a streamer on Twitch. While her goal is to cast the spotlight on lesser-known games, she’s still up for playing The Legend of Zelda whenever she gets the chance.

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