10 karaoke bars where you can sing your heart out in Montréal

Karaoke is fun and liberating–and Montréal’s karaoke bars set the stage for a memorable night out! Whether you’re singing an eighties classic with new friends you just met at the youth hostel, renting a private room (or KTV) to channel your inner Britney with girlfriends, or sipping cocktails between verses of Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits, you can’t go wrong with these 10 karaoke bars in Montréal.

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Pang Pang Karaoké – 1226 Mackey Street

This popular karaoke joint rents out private rooms-a good choice for those who would rather sing with friends than to a room full of strangers. The song selection is decent and the rooms comfortably accommodate small groups. Be prepared to share the tab with friends as the Pang Pang has bottle service.

Zoé bar karaoké – 3296, Jean-Talon Street East

Their inexpensive cocktails will make you want to grab the mike and bare your soul, every night of the week. There’s a huge pool of tunes to choose from, so be sure to warm up your voice! And get this-they also serve cheese fondue

Astral 2000 – 1845, Ontario Street East

A massive room that attracts an eclectic crowd. In the front, regulars sip their beer. In the back, aspiring stars wait their turn to sing alone or with friends on a small stage festooned with strings of lights. It’s a good thing the beer is cheap, because it gets hot in here.


Le St-Sulpice – 1680, Saint-Denis Street

Head down to the basement of this spacious bar for a more intimate karaoke experience. There’s no stage and room is tight, but there are plenty of good times to be had every night after 10. The bar has a kitchen, so go ahead and order some nachos between songs.

La Remise – 540, Boucher Street

La Remise beckons singers every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with its friendly atmosphere. The diverse crowd is there for the authentic flavour… and the ice cold beer! Come here to close your eyes, shed your inhibitions, and sing with all your heart.

La p’tite place – 521, Bélanger Street East

This Rosemont karaoke bar serves up a festive vibe seven days a week. It’s the perfect place to have a fabulous-and unpretentious-time with friends. Check out their popular theme nights.

La Chic Régal – 2567, Centre Street

Open for almost 90 years now, the grand dame of the city’s bar scene offers low-key karaoke nights. And the colourful clientele makes for great people-watching! A good option for those who get stage fright in front of large crowds.

Les 3 Minots – 3812, Saint-Laurent Boulevard

This popular student hangout (located a few steps from the McGill Ghetto) has a huge stage-so huge you could probably recreate your own version of The Voice! Head to Les 3 Minots with a big group of friends or for your next office outing. It’s often busy, but the turnover’s good and the atmosphere is lively.

Le Club Date karaoké – 1218, Sainte-Catherine Street

Located in the Village, the Date is the perfect place to have some fun before hitting the clubs. It has a vast repertoire of popular songs, but choose wisely-if it’s crowded, you’ll only get one shot. They want to give everyone the chance to take the mike!

Bistro au Vieux St-Hubert – 1241, Saint-Hubert Street

This joint has a rock n’ roll edge to it and is popular among regulars for its laid-back vibe. Ever attuned to its customers, the bar recently added a long list of new songs to its karaoke selection.


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