Blended travel

In today’s busy world, well-being and work-life balance are your top priorities. Lucky for you, Montréal does business and leisure brilliantly. Whether you’re seeking an idea-sparking setting or a calm hub to power through to deadline, you’ll want to check out the city’s beautiful workspaces. Closed your laptop and called it a day? Our refreshing cultural calendar or dynamic food scene gives you plenty to choose from. Looking to stretch your legs? Stroll our lush urban parks or take an invigorating walk on Mount Royal. Then again, maybe some soothing spa treatments would be the perfect post-work indulgence. Whatever you choose, Montréal is here for you, with stimulating spaces, delicious food and relaxing pursuits, when and where you need them.

Your blended travel guide

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, need to recharge your batteries or want to see how the locals live, Montréal offers you lots of options. Here are six activities to make your Montréal blended travel trip the best.

  1. Feel relaxed, productive and connected at these hotels with great workspaces.
  2. Spark your neurons in these inspiring co-working spaces.
  3. Browse Montréal’s cultural calendar for trend-setting art, dance and music.
  4. Unwind in the soothing calm of the city’s luxurious spas.
  5. Dive into the local food scene. Added bonus? Our gourmet food halls are great places to mingle.
  6. Close your laptop and take a breather in the city’s gorgeous green spaces.