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Dear friends of the travel industry,

Please note that all familiarization trips, whether individual or as a group, are cancelled as a result of COVID-19 prevention measures in Canada, until further notice*. Nevertheless, we are ready to answer your questions about Montréal as a tourist destination, and to take the time to prepare future itineraries with you.

We want to assure you of our solidarity and of our role as strong partners when the situation improves, and we can look forward to recovery. In the meantime, we will be happy to offer inspiration on our beautiful city… for a future visit!

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*including inside Canada.

For more information on the COVID-19 situation: For any questions related to, the holding of major Montréal events or the tourism industry, please contact


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Any traveler looking for relaxation should consider a trip to Montreal.  Montréal’s energy express itself through the creativity of its people. Montrealers, regardless of age, see their city as fundamentally optimistic and open-minded. This is the state of mind that creates a rich and varied tourist offer, never conventional.

Small- and large-scale urban projects, a boom in real estate and important touristic developments (including 12 new hotels), transform the way we experience our city. Montreal is still undertaking innovative initiatives designed to not only pay their respects to the city’s already considerable historical legacy, but to propel it into the future for generations to come.

Allow us to tell you more about our Montreal, cultural and friendly, and resolutely looking to the future.



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Notre-Dame Basilica
Montreal Observation Wheel

Old Port

Cultural Metropolis

Living Connections

Jacques-Cartier Bridge
Montréal Casino


Ready for a virtual tour? Hop from one festival to the next, from homegrown tastes to exotic flavours, from the trails of Mount Royal to the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal. Get inspiration from our lists to live the full Montréal experience. Take inspiration from our lists and learn more about Montréal. Our city has many secrets ready to be uncovered!



YUL | Montreal-Trudeau International Airport


Please note that airport activity is strictly limited until further notice. For more information about the special measures related to COVID-19:

Located 20 kilometres from downtown Montréal, with multiple highway accesses, YUL, Montréal-Trudeau International Airport has recently completed a vast expansion and modernization program. Its world-class terminal, equipped with the latest airport technologies, is designed to provide you with the most efficient, comfortable and safe airport experience possible. The terminal also offers a full range of services.

Please note that all passenger buses are cancelled until further notice.

If you are planning a trip by bus, many American and Canadian operators come to Montréal, including Orléans Express. You will arrive directly downtown at the Montréal Bus Central Station, which is also connected to the Underground Pedestrian Network via the Berri-UQAM metro station.

Complexe Desjardins

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