This year, take a EuRoad trip

Welcome to La Belle Province, the closest place to feel far away. There has never been a better time to discover four of the most enchantingly foreign regions of Québec. It’s the closest place to feel far away. Beautiful countryside, sprawling mountain ranges and some of the most beautiful urban architecture you will ever explore this side of the pond. Pamper yourself with some authentic Scandinavian hospitality up in the mountains or stroll the cobblestone streets of two of the oldest cities in the country. All with a healthy dose of euro flair. Did somebody say road trip?


Older than Canada itself, Montréal is everything you have ever heard and so much more. There is something distinctly European about the place. From beautiful Victorian houses with spiral staircases to quaint green alleys, even residential streets are a sight to behold. Discover a wide variety of cozy neighbourhoods and some of the best food you’ll ever taste.

Québec City

Welcome to our little city with a big history. The food, the foliage, the charming French Canadian accent. What more could you ask for? You want to spend the day soaking up some of the oldest and most interesting historical attractions in the country? No problem. Or maybe you’d rather spend a day hiking up a mountain, followed by some lakeside camping? Whatever you do though, just make sure you order the croissants. Magnifique! 


Just a quick drive across the provincial border reveals one of Québec’s most picturesque playgrounds. The breathtaking summit views, winding rivers and rolling hills are some of the most beautiful sights to take in first hand, topped off with a luxurious log cabin, not to mention the world’s largest, and some authentic Scandinavian hospitality. With so much to do, there’s always something new waiting to be discovered.


North of Montréal, you will find the beautiful Laurentians region. From its mountain ranges to its golden countryside, this wonderful part of the province offers a unique getaway experience that’s full of exotic flavour. This is the dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to escape into the wild. The Laurentians provide year-round activities, from skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months to canoe trips and ziplining all summer long. So what are you waiting for? Allez!