Okay Google, let me talk to visit Montréal!

Do words like dépanneur and ayoille leave you scratching your head?
Have no fear, we’re here to help you master all the fun facts and local lingo you need to know before your next visit to Montréal. 
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Here’s an example: 

Q: If you bumped your head or are so impressed you don’t know what to say, say: “eye-yoy.”
Follow-up: This all-encompassing term is perfect for expressing everything from pain to amazement. We bet you’ll be using it more the second way in Montréal.

Q: If you want to enjoy happy hour in Montréal, say: “sank-ah-set.”
Follow-up: There are tons of great spots to enjoy a drink in Montréal. And if you stay out past 7, we won’t judge you.