Exclusive to the Travel Trade Professionnals

Become a certified Montréal Specialist now

Bonjour! We know it’s hard to sell a travel destination without having experienced it in person. That’s why we developed a training tool specifically designed to provide you with advanced knowledge and practical information that aim to be concrete tools to stimulate your travel sales to Montréal.

Find concrete sales information such as videos, infographics and interactive maps that are real tools for your daily work, and can facilitate the planning of your clients' stay.

The program course is composed of 5 modules, each containing various thematic sessions. It lasts a total of about 4 hours. Go at your own pace and just like Montréal, this course is practical and effective while being dynamic and fun!


  • Montréal at a glance
  • The few necessities to know before you go
  • How to sell Montréal?
  • The musts for a first visit 
  • How to plan the best trip for your clients (accommodations, attractions, guided tours)
  • And much more...

Earn badges and gain benefits for you and your customers by becoming a true Montréal Destination Specialist. It's a piece of cake!

This training is available in English and French. Feel free to share it with your colleagues!

What's in it for me?

Benefits of being a certified Montreal Specialist include:

  1. An official certificate
  2. Exclusive rates and city pass
  3. ACTA credits                
  4. Prime access to the latest info about new Montréal attractions and promotion via the Montréal Specialist newsletter       
  5. A chance to attend a Montréal Famtrip !

How long does it take?

Each module has a completion time of approximately 45 minutes. Each session lasts about 10 minutes. Go at your own pace: the training is always available online. Each session is validated by a quiz. Once completed with 100% correct answers, you can move on to the next session.