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Between the Licensor and the Licensee: 

The Licensee : 
                Tourisme Montréal
                800 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, Suite 2450
                Montreal, QC H3B 1X9


The Licensor :

Terms and conditions 

1. In accepting these terms and conditions, the licensor assigns to Tourisme Montréal (the licensee) non exclusive, world-wide, perpetual rights to use the images and/or videos upload in this form for all its tourism promotion activities, including, but not limited to, in its publications,communications tools, large format production, digital platforms and advertising campaigns and in all media presently existing or to be created in the future.
2. The images and/or videos uploaded in this form may be shared with third parties for the purpose of promoting tourism, attractions and events in Montréal. The images may not be used in the advertising materials or campaigns of third parties.
3. Tourisme Montréal shall ensure that it advises third parties that the material may not be used in the resale of calendars, posters, postcards or promotional items unless a specific agreement between the borrower and the owners of the rights on the material has been reached.
4. The licensor consents to the use of the images and/or videos free of charge.
5. In accepting these terms and conditions, the licensor recognizes that it holds the rights to the attached images and/or videos and that Tourisme Montréal is authorized to use this material.
6. The licensor shall provide the licensee with the appropriate photographic credits and the applicable restrictions.
7. The agreement begins at the signature of this form.
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