FAQ - Montréal Destination Specialist Program


Getting started with The Montréal Destination Specialist Program

The Montréal Destination Specialist Program is an online training resource dedicated to Travel Trade Professionals, complete with courses, video tutorials, and certification programs designed to assist you in your daily service to your clients.

Included at no cost for our subscription users, the Montréal Specialist Training delivers tangible results, from the novice user to the proficient and advanced user, and increases your skill-set to better sell Montréal as a favoured travel destination.


How do I access The Montréal Destination Specialist Program?

Log in to TALENTLMS Launchpad and complete your subscription form. You can access the training from your desk computer or any mobile device.

What are the system requirements for The Montréal Specialist Training? What browsers do you support?

The Montréal Destination Specialist Program is compatible with all modern browsers including Firefox, IE 9+, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It is also compatible with browsers of recent mobile devices (iOS and Android).

In order to ensure a enriching learning experience, we will prompt you to update whenever we detect an older browser.


The Montréal Destination Specialist Program courses

Which courses are available?

Please visit the course catalog for a list of the courses you are registered for.

Access to a toolkit?

Course material and downloads are available for select content, on Tourisme Montréal’s Travel Professionnals Toolkit.


How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course varies, but comprise of a total 45-minute content. The course description of each course details the intended audience and level, course objectives, time estimate, and summary of the course.


How much do the training cost?

The Montréal Destination Specialist Program courses are completely free of charge with a valid subscription.

How often are courses updated?

Courses are updated on an ongoing basis. New courses will be available throughout the year.

Will these courses be localized to my native language?

At this time, the Montréal Destination Specialist Program is available in French and English.

Feedback and support

For any technical issue, you can access TalentLMS Help options deck at any time or ask a question online.

Where can I provide feedback and suggestions on course content (e.g. new courses, corrections on existing courses)?

Apart from the training feedback survey, you can reach out to mtlspecialist@mtl.org directly with suggestions or questions.

What if I find an error in a course?

Please make a note of the error in the feedback survey. If the error is interfering with your course progression, please contact TALENTLMS Support Services by email (support@TalentLMS.com) and let them know what the issue is.

Who can help me complete an activity or quiz?

The Support team is a great technical resource, but they are not able to provide guidance on how to complete activities or quizzes, or to explain concepts taught in The Montréal Destination Specialist Training.

The Montréal Destination Specialist certification

How do I download my certificate?

Once you've completed the course, you can download the certificate at any time. You can also share your certification on your LinkedIn profile directly via the training platform.


How can I track progress in The Montréal Destination Specialist Program?

For each course, progress is tracked as a percentage of units completed, and is visible from your profile report page in the Montréal Specialist Training report section.

Team managers can contact us if they would like to receive the reports to track their team's progress within The Montréal Specialist training program.