Don’t miss the boat!

Viewed from the river, Montréal’s charm is immediately apparent. You’ll see historic Old Montréal in the foreground, with modern skyscrapers and the green peak of Mount Royal as the backdrop. Once you step out into the streets, you’ll notice the positive and dynamic energy coursing through the city, along with a reassuring sense of safety. One thing is for sure: Montréal offers everything you could want and more for a memorable stay. There are countless attractions located within walking distance of the cruise terminal in the Old Port, so come ashore and discover a destination like no other!

Should you have any questions:

A welcoming island 

Montrealers are known for being outgoing and welcoming—and they’re always happy to introduce visitors to their city and share its best-kept secrets. 

With its French and English roots, Montréal is a diverse metropolis where a rich history informs a modern way of life. As one of the world’s largest French-speaking cities (after Paris, of course!), Montréal is a great place to practice French, though most locals will be happy to interact with you in English. 

Montréal is the starting point for many cruises destined for other ports in Canada and New England.

Savour every moment

The Port of Montréal is the largest port on the St. Lawrence River in terms of operations and the second largest in terms of cruise passengers. Conveniently located at the crossroads of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, Montréal has become a major destination for both international and river cruises.


A city open to the world

Combining Latin flair and British composure, Montréal is a decidedly North American city that is home to an open-minded, multicultural population.

It’s a beautiful day in our neighbourhoods

Exploring the districts on foot is both easy and safe. It’s also a great way to rub shoulders with locals. You might even make new friends!

We know how to entertain  

Culture takes centre stage in Montréal, where the city’s endless creativity is channeled into dance, music, theatre, literature and film.

Life is just one, big festival  

With at least one festival for every week of the year, Montréal has something for everyone! 

Diet is a four-letter word 

Hungry? Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or the gastronomic experience of a lifetime, Montréal won’t leave you wanting for more.

Calling all night owls

Are you ready for Montréal’s dazzling casino, friendly bars and spirited nightclubs? Make the city your personal playground from dusk till dawn! 

Creative shopping 

Check out the shops and bring a piece of Montréal home with you.

Lingering is encouraged

Enjoy coffee on an outdoor patio, sip cocktails with friends, indulge in sinful desserts and let yourself get caught up in the fun. You’ll wonder where the time went!

We were green before green was cool

With extensive bike paths, a massive waterfront along the St. Lawrence River, countless green spaces and an urban mountain, Montréal invites you to spend the day outdoors. 

That certain « je ne sais quoi »

What makes Montréal so special? Its diverse background? Its typical joie de vivre? Its effortless style? You be the judge...from home for now!